December 4, 2016

MaskSlim X Video shoot X Contest

Hello, Assalamualaikum beautiful and handsome  

This gonna be quick and simple entry I'm gonna write because I just gulped 3 pills that related with my allergic conditions right now so yeah, I'm expecting to get super sleepy at exact 10-11 P.M.  no arguments there -.-

Oh yeah, I'm also just finish attending Alpha Girlfriends under SONY Malaysia for second time at Peter&Mawar cute cafe. This time, I managed to understand more and explore about SONY camera 5000 which I already eye-ing for sooo long after the first workshop. Damn! I really hope there's gonna be sale for all SONY products at their outlets. Please make YES pretty please T.T

Oh guys! remember about my previous entry that mentioning about MaskSlim, their latest products which are After Love and De-Stress mask? (CLICK HERE) and well, month ago I'm invited by Sammy and Estee Leong to do some fun and awesome video shooting regarding with De-Stress mask. And voila, my love also been included too in the video LOL

There I am, awkward and shy all over my body to do some video shoot and boy it's not that easy. I have to re-take over and over again if I made mistakes but with Sammy guidance, I managed to get through with it 

When I'm doing my part, actually it is pretty easy. Simple! but when you're in front of camera, you'll suddenly goes blank and like Duhhhh, wadehek I'm mumbled about! -.- So after 15-20 minutes being myself that super awkward and Divas all over them LOL, I'm applying my De-Stress mask. Yes! This mask perfect for students because mainly peppermint and tea tree oil helps to reduce blemishes, acne and suitable for people having lack of sleep and what is the opposite word of De-Stress? Yup, STRESS people! Put this on and you'll feel alive! 

Le self with ever beauty, Mrs Estee Leong. She's so pretty being makeup free and here I am feeling insecure over myself if I'm not in makeup mood. Gosh, I wish my skin looks better *sigh*

Last, but not least group shot with le pretty ladies! (and a guy) Thank you so much MaskSlim for having me! and if you guys wanna check out the video, it's already been published on MaskSlim page. Thank god I'm looking Okay inside it because I really thought I blew up during video shooting.

Yup, the picture definitely match with the props, right? But IMHO, I favor After Love Mask more because the smells much more captivating and you feel sexy after wearing it. All masks are originated from Natural and improved formula compared to previous launching. I feel much more juicier, easy to apply and comes with really cheap price! RM6.90 per sheet and you can get it at Super KK Mart. Besides that, These masks available free of charge in purchase of RM50 or more at the following branches:

❇  Vern Apos (SACC Shah Alam) 

❇  Sakura Kristal Cafe & Restaurant (Melawati Taman)
❇  Glitter Venus Boutique (Kota Damansara)
❇  Bagman Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (1 Utama)
❇  at The Morning the After (Sri Damansara)
❇  Hairdepot (Mid Valley Megamall which)
❇  Bali Ayu Spa Sanctuary
❇  Bangsar Purple Cane wisteria (The Gardens)
❇  Whoosh Eyewear's (KLCC) 

Wait, I didn't tell you about the contest yet? No? LOL scroll below for more reason to get FREE 3 MONTHS supply of After Love and De-Stress masks!

All steps is easy to follows! 

1.Like "MaskSlim International" on FACEBOOK
2. Share banner on your FACEBOOK Timeline
3.Tag 5 of your lucky babes/dudes in the MaskSlim comment section.
4.For more higher chance, buy one and upload yourself wearing any these baby on INSTAGRAM!

Hurry up, the contest ends at 26 DECEMBER and buckle up, the competition gonna get harder because I'm so in, peeps! watch out!

P/S: All the money you buy for any masks are been contributed to BB Charity Society in helping other unfortunate people. It is totally a bonus that you get to looks pretty and be generous at same time, all benefits score 2 in 1  


Lots of love,
Miss A :)