December 3, 2016

Streaming hot X Dimsum.my Apps

Hello, Assalamualaikum lovely readers!

So let's make some path for my overly pending post regarding with events that I attend lately starting with something hot, something new and fun with Dimsum.my Wait what??

This is one of another great event that I go and the launching is major  I mean, yes when I got the invitation, I was like, 

"walaweh, The Star invite me to go to party? That's freaking huge!"

But I am really honored to go as one of Malay bloggers that attend that day because mostly bloggers that I saw and greet with them are Chinese. I feel kinda awkward at first but fret not, all of them are really nice people and surprisingly very sweet. Thank you for welcoming me during my sitting in the table located just for bloggers LOL

Props is definitely a must when you attend any events and so far, I'm loving all the props provided from my smartphone view because I'm too shy to ask someone to take picture of me holding these lil cute thing T.T

So, what's Dimsum.my all about?

I know, the name reminded me about Chinese cuisine and loosely translates to English and literally defines as "selection of the heart", in short term, Dimsum.my actually the new homegrown online streaming platform in Malaysia that offers Video-On-Demand subscription ( it's merely like ASTRO or iflix, but this one proudly brought to you from collaboration of The Star Media group) and lotsss of variety channels from Korea, Chinese, Taiwan, Japanese, Thailand, Singapore and more to come! Hey, give Dimsum lil break will ya! these brilliant apps just starting to earn and establish their brand 

See, I told you the event is hot AF! all the decorations, preps, music, foods are blend perfectly without any problem and I really am amaze with their launching Dimsum.my apps too. Oh did I mention that you can get download it via iOS and Google Play? try it and sign up! You may get free trial for a month just for starter. So cool!

My table of the day LOL Talking about table, hello to all yummy foods! Wanna see the menu and what we all eat during the event?

I'm not gonna lie, all the foods are pretty decent and delicious to eat, but dibs goes to Teriyaki Chicken and Crispy Tempura Prawn Roll with Thai sauce. Until today, I still remember the taste of the prawn. Arghh, I wish I can eat it again FML

Since Dimsum.my is new apps on social media, of course they offer an affordable best Asian content for V-O-D, according to Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai, Group Managing Director and CEO of Star Media Group. Besides that, Dimsum.my apps can allows up to 5 concurrent users to watch family entertainment to horror/thrilled movie from all Asian country as lowest as RM15 a month.

Goodies  what I love about Dimsum.my is that it can stream with min internet speed of 234kbps and can choose any subtitle for users preferences. Good news for December user of Dimsum.my apps, offline viewing will be available and you can watch and download up to ten videos at time! woww!

Arghh, this one is my absolute fav ♥ While listening to the talks about Dimsum.my Apps, we're been fed with good foods and also some of singers which are Adinda and Mad August that performed that night. 

During the event, one of surprise thing is that, all bloggers are given a code to activate and use Dimsum.my Apps subscription for one year free! Now I can fill my lunch times at work watching movies instead of youtubing all the times watching over and over and over again same entertainment LOL thank you Dimsum.my Apps!

After launching of Dimsum.my Apps event, people started to get excited with participation for lucky draws and like usual, I am not that lucky enough to win Iphone7 that night pffft -.-

But it's okay, at least I got to know about Dimsum Apps and I really encouraged you guys to try. For those people that already hook by this new baby, why don't give a try to subscribe monthly using either credit and debit cards, online banking or via iTunes account. 

For more info regarding with Dimsum Apps, please click link below for references:-


happy hols, peeps!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)