December 14, 2016

Product review: Passion D'Tox (Life.Eat.Slim)

Hello lovely peeps!

Yes, like usual I’m updating my blog using my office PC and actually it is pretty good because PC much wider and bigger, and hello to keyboard! LOL I really miss being in touch with my laptop, well gotta wait for next paycheck to plan buying one T.T (Well, I kinda spends all my paycheck with makeup and more makeup and wishing I’m gonna master my makeup skill as the greatest as ever!)

I love buying all makeup but I know, applying lots of makeup can be all cakey, oily and not smooth if you have a very not so perfect skin. EVERYONE love having perfect, acne free skin and wait, you know that having perfect skins reflects your inner body condition as well? Have you ever consider why you feel there is no difference when consuming lots of collagen and whitening products but still haven’t achieve one yet. The answer is totally obvious. Cleanse your body first, will ya! Introducing, new baby for your detox collection loves!

Passion D’tox (PDX) is a powerful potion that contains passion fruit and variety of fiber and berries rich with vitamin C and E. This nutritious drink contains plenty of fiber that block excessive carbs and calories from your daily meals intake. Yes, eating lots of foods consist of sugars and excessive fats can be very good and very bad AF. I mean, not to forgot all hipsters cafes and restaurants that serve yummy foods and worth instagramming as well LOL but! this healthy juice can be serve as part of your lifestyle besides promoting growth of friendly bacteria, thus making your digestive system healthier than ever. 

• Rich in fiber, vitamin C & vitamin E.
• Soluble fiber forms gel in the digestive track to flush out impurities and toxin.
• Helps with constipation – insoluble fiber acts like a broom that sweep colon clean.
• Reduce unhealthy fat by blocking excessive carbohydrates and calories.
• All natural – no added sugar, laxative and artificial colors.
• No side effect – all natural ingredients clinically formulated.
• Increase the number of healthy bacteria.
• Improve skin quality.
• Prevent skin ageing.
• Enhance skin moisturizing.
Promote skin whitening.

I’ve already experience 15 days with this bad ass products and the result is surprisingly well because I always find bathroom as my first priority after waking up in morning. I think it’s also a good thing since I’m a very lazy person to wake up and go to work. So yeah, thanks Passion D’tox! I gotta buy more of it!

Don’t worry about the production process and HALAL’s certificates as Passion D’tox have cater all of it!

KKM approved.
Halal certified.
With 2,000,000 product insurance

Like any other slimming and detox product, the direction are pretty simple, basically you just have to  Mixed 1 sachet into 150 ml room temperature water, stir well and consume immediately. For maximum result, drink a glass of warm water the next morning.
*Ensure sufficient daily water intake to support the detox process* but every product have their limitation too! Although the flavors really yumms due to passion fruits and organic fruits extract with extra features such as no added sugar, laxatives and artificial colors , it is not advisable for pregnant women or children.

Question about re-purchase? HELL to the YES!

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Lots of love,
Miss A :)