March 9, 2017

HIWD X Naelofar Perfume Collection

Hello, Assalamualaikum lovely dolls!

First of all, I would really love to say, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY! IKR, it’s like the only day we celebrate and appreciate women a lil bit extra compared to others different days and months LOL  Since the day itself emphasizing the beauty of being a lady and empowering women, So here le post of mine that I got just for my mumzy :)

Sometime being a mum can be tough, especially if you have a daughter like me. YES, me because I can be quite stubborn, overload lazy attitude but hey, there’s still cute side of me that I know my mum will really appreciate to have me as her daughter because I’mma good cooker (cooker?) I really love makeup, so blerghh maybe I can makeup her some day when I have become a very good MUA. In shaa ALLAH, pray for me to achieve my dream! So, besides I wanna my mum to look beautiful despite against her age, I always found that my mum is surrounds with amazing nice smell around her. Yes, she’s a woman that has a thing with perfumes, so, why not I’m adding her perfumes collections from Naelofar perfume!

I actually love Neelofa perfume collection, especially the first edition. I’ve been aim that baby for long time before I decided to get one for my own. Just look at that beautiful tiffany/Sea Green colors packaging. Doesn’t it remember you with Tiffany&Co. kind of vibes! Just pretty to handle OMGG

On top of it, the color of the bottle is so eye catching and don’t even let me start with the scents. When I first spray on my wrist, Fruity and sweet smells intoxicate me and lift up my bright mood! I just freaking love it, plus with every purchase of Neelofa perfume, you managed to get the limited edition of the Tiffany pouch. Well, since I have lotsaaa pouch in my house, I actually don’t mind with the lil gift that comes together with the perfume.

Next Neelofa perfume baby, are Vanilla Orchid and Rose Blush. I actually love the simplicity of the bottle because it’s reminding me of Chloe perfume bottle, just nice and simple to handle with care.  Well, the bottle itself already indicates rose scents, how do ya expect with the smells? *smirks*

Yes, feelin’ rosy all of sudden.

However, compared to the Vanilla Orchid, I’m not a big fan of Orchid because the smell is a lil bit strong for me and I also know what best for my mum. I believe she will use the Orchid Vanilla perfume not as much as she love compared to Rose Blush. So yeah, why pay more when we can only buy what we ONLY need?

I know, my mum will be so proud of me. LOL

Happy International Women Day, once again :) So, what you get for your love one?



Lots of love,
Miss A :)