January 27, 2017

Virtual Reality Game Experience X VR Lab

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

My neighborhood hyping so intense with this whole CNY celebration and I also can't wait to go to my perfect vacation with my love one. I'm pretty sure almost everyone got plans to do for this coming holiday, but if you're lying around the house, not doing anything beneficial, why don't you come and experience new virtual game proudly by VR lab!

I rushed to the place ASAP after my weekend office hours finished. Even I didn't managed to get into selfie session during arrival, but I'm able to understand lil bit flow of the event purpose. VR lab basically a virtual game that very famous among overseas who love real life game, it is just like you're in the game and play against your opponent. VR lab provide variety of entertainment every week and open to single, duos, family and also kids game. 

Yup, with only RM7.50 per hour, you can play any genres of game to suit your needs. During my first time experience VR, I chose to play with game related with zombies and it its one of the best thing evaaa because I can choose what kind of shields/guns/grenade and collect all gems and health kit to survive for next level. Even though I'm having trouble controlling the game controller at first, but eventually I managed to understand bit by bit.

VR Lab also available in Kepong Manjalara, WangsaMaju, Damansara, and Publika for now and many more to comes. I believe this kind of game that not only fun, but you can get all sweat and barely catches breath if you're into adventures and boxing game because honey, that's what I had during the launch free game. LOL

Some of delicious simple treats VR lab serve for their customer that day. Thank you so much for cutie goodies and definitely will come back! You guys can check my video on INSTAGRAM how I play VR lab and also, the mannequin challenge shoot by VR lab team too! Click link below for more:-


Lots of love,
Miss A :)