June 8, 2017

AROSA X Home Made body care

Hello, Assalamualaikum my loves!

So guys, how's your puasa so far? Lookin' incredibly good or otherwise? I hope you guys fully utilize this beautiful Ramadhan month because we only experience once every single year. Al-Hamdulillah, this holy month is very special to me due to certain beautiful events happen in term of job & my status. I wish I can tell you dear loves, but not yet! LOL  #ExpectTheUnexpected *AsNTM fan detected Double LOL*

Well, when it comes to Ramadhan month, it is all about cleansing your soul, your mind spiritually & mentally and yeah, physical too! And I mean, literally physical! If you guys looking for safe and home made body care, scroll down for more because I have another product that suits your budget and of course, the packaging is super cute! Introducing, AROSA!

Have you guys familiar with the name yet? if you know IRISSENTIAL homemade product, then this is the same product but RN the founder having some renovation of changing the name to AROSA. I don't really know much about the product but I used to try IRISSENTIAL Whitening scrub before but I thought that one is under TEMYRACLE. So kinda confuse with the name though LOL but whatever it is, it's definitely smell really good! So, let's get to know them individually, shall we?

Among of all four items, This one is on top! I think because I am always have 'mood' for purple & pink, so this one is totally recommended. The smell is super nice and enriched with Vitamin C & E, infused with Fine Mineral salt, Avocado butter and Virgin Coconut Oil that doesn't harm your skin, and super cheap price too! I think for people who loves scrubbing their impurities, you should try one. 

Close up for the scrub, for more details. Oh, AROSA Whitening scrub came in three flavors which are Tropical sensation, Milky Vanilla and Cheering Cherry. All scrubs are made with love and suitable for every skin tones. 

For next AROSA product that I love is Kissy Missy lip scrub!

When I received the parcel, I got Cotton Candy Lip scrub, which in my opinion is the best and delicious one compared to other flavors such as honeydew, strawberry, Chocolate and more. If you're heavy matte lippy lover, going for lippy scrub is a must for 2-3 times a week. 

AROSA Home made lip scrub also help to heal dry lips and enhanced your natural lip color gradually until you achieve rosy and beautiful kissable lips. Oh, who doesn't want that? *smirk*

The next product is, I personally think everyone love because it is regarding with facial face scrub! It is advisable for everyone to scrub your face twice a week to exfoliate and re-generate new skin cell and remove dead skin. Some of the scrub can be really painful and will damage some of people having sensitive/acne skin *OMG, I can feel that! T.T* but fret not! this scrub is one of the mild and gentle to skin face scrub ever!Thumbs up!

The scrub in close up. It is perfect for everyone and as you know, Rice is famous for Asian skin type and yeah, for 50GM with price around RM10-20, Worth every penny!

Last but not least, 

AROSA Body Mist! I don't quite remember the scent since I'mma big hoarder for Perfume & Body mist collection LOL but among the products of AROSA, this is my least favorite because I don't quite liking the smell and to be honest, I gave this one to my sayang because I think the scents suit him. Nevertheless, it's a great effort to AROSA for came up with the ideas of body mist inspired by some international perfumes.

For me, AROSA Home Made body & face care is perfect for everyone and especially for people who loves anything related with home made  and organic. I know some of people who cannot use proper skincare that sell in drugstore, but hey now you can always try AROSA. Super cheap & Super easy! Go get one from nearest stockist or even better, contact the owner personally for proper guidance and good price! Good luck loves!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)