June 10, 2017

Love Is is Love, Love Is is Lyfe

Hello, Assalamualaikum, hey darlings!

As you guys can see in my previous post where I published and suggest for you out there who loves affordable and super cute product, AROSA >>>CLICK HERE<<< this one is another one you need to get. I mean, it is literally all hand made, super organic and safe, and of course, lotsaaaa love too! Since RN I'mma huge fan of organic product *Lord No, IDK why LOL* but I tested it, I already tried couple of months and it is still my favorite till now. How cool is that impression gave such a big impact for the product that makes me wanna blog about it :)

Introducing, Love Is!

LOL, excuse the messy-ness of the background because I don't have pretty and fluffy carpet like I always snap in my previous post. I think I basuh that one when I captured this pic T.T but whatever it is, Love Is is waving hello to you guys. Hi!

I'm gonna go and brief shortly for every product because yeah, face it everyone is freakin' lazy to read a blog that is tooooooo much writing in one post. So yeah, for le start is Love Is Smooch lip balm and Love Is Chocolate face mask. TBH, these baby are my favorite. PERIOD. The product not only soothes and help my skin, but it's also makes me feel happy every time I wear them. I apply Smooch Lip balm every night to fade the dry, chapped lippy and help to enhanced my natural lip color. So, I give big thumbs up for the Lip balm, whereas for the mask, the smell is great, fully chocolate-y but guys please don't eat/taste it because the mask main ingredients is Sea salt. According to the sellers, She said that it is best apply on your face if the mask store in fridge. 

Close up for the mask jar and hello spoon! Love this one because the owner prioritize the quality and clean aspect for every face mask they sell. If I'm not mistaken, the face mask is around RM20-RM35 and the lip balm costs RM10. Super cheap right!

Since everything around me RN is revolve with Unicorn vibes, so I bought for myself this beautiful bubble bath bomb in Unicorn and Bleeding love. I love the smell, it's super amazing and helps you feel so 'kanak-kanak' when you're in vacay mood. I tried these baby out during my trip to Johor Bahru where the hotel that my mum booked happened to had a huge bath tub. I think I spent about 1-2 hours in bathroom just for me, myself and I time. 

For better result, I think it is best for you guys to mixed with Bubble bath shower gel from Bath&Body Work because dammn! you can create lotsaaaa bubbles in split second. 

Another cute product, is Love Is Petite frizzes, that wrapped in beautiful box and you can mix any kind of colors to fit in the box. I chose lavender, rose, yellow and blue frizzes. Every colors disperse each scents and dried potpourri.


For me, all prices to get these products is very reasonable and not even reach RM50+, so I definitely recommend you guys to try Love Is products. Simply Organic and Simply the best for Malaysia Local Product. You don't have to buy LUSH anymore when you can go for dupe, LOVE IS :)



Lots of love,
Miss A :)