June 3, 2017

Raya Kasih & Cinta Grand launch X Quill City Mall

Hello, Assalamualaikum loves!

Well, since this month is a holy month, full with barakah for muslims people, so I would like to propose some 'Pantun' LOL you guys wanna hear it?

Bulan Ramadan bulan mulia,
Syawal tiba dengan gembira;
Penuh ikhlas Kasih & Cinta,
Tangan ku hulurkan maaf dipinta.

Di Quill City Mall KL membeli-belah,
Membeli novel Hero Seorang Cinderella;
Aidilfitri ini sangatlah meriah,
Tidak bersudah ditemani idola.

If you guys watch Malay series, 'Hero Seorang Cinderella', where my favorite actress Fazura play her role as 'Nura Medina' whereas the newest Anugerah Bintang Popular ABPH2017 rising star, Fattah Amin as the hero for the series and also the novel LOL directed by Michael Ang, then this event is perfect to celebrate Raya full with loves and laughter with collaboration exclusive partnership with Astro Ria & Astro Ria HD. So yeah, since some of the scenes are shot inside Quill City Mall with variety of famous outlets ranging from Food&Beverages to fashion, entertainment and strategic location of the mall within the heart of KL were reasons behind the selection of numerous romantic and heartwarming scenes of the drama series.

Raya Kasih & Cinta Royal Garden Decorations

My favorite part will be the decoration. OMG, talk about major princess! Quill City Mall sure love to pamper their customers by imagine all of us are princess that have their own castle. shoppers will be greeted by the Raya Kasih & Cinta grand arch at the main entrance, followed by a romantic garden arch lighted tunnel walkway further inside the entrance of the mall. A majestic replica HSC castle on green and brown garden landscapes with pastel floral arrangements, floral plant decorated swing and much more.

'Hero Seorang Cinderella' Royal Carriage, Kasih & Cinta Quill Love Locks and Wisteria Flowers to Sweep You off Your Feet

Raya is all about Kasih & Cinta. Families and friends are welcome to come celebrate Raya with Kasih & Cinta by experiencing exclusive scenes from the drama series for photo opportunities. Shoppers will have an opportunity to embark on a HSC journey of being captivated by the HSC royal carriage and sealing of your love with a customized love message to be written on Kasih & Cinta Quill Love Locks. 

The main highlight of the day of the event will encompass Dato Michael Ong, Michael Ang, Fattah Amin and Shiha Zikir sealing their Raya Kasih & Cinta Quill Love Locks on the love fixture together with media friends and guests.  

Quill City Mall’s First Raya Kasih & Cinta Grand Launch in Town

Quill City Mall presents this launch to members of the media, partners and shoppers, the very first grand Raya launch in town. Invitees are welcome to the Royal Garden for a high tea, followed by the grand launch as well as a special appearance by Hero Seorang Cinderella charming prince, Fattah Amin.

I got this special edition pillow where it's include Fattah Amin & Fazura signature for free since I'm one of the media. Thank you PR for inviting me! Please don't be jealous LOL The grand launch of Raya Kasih & Cinta begins with “Gema Warisan” Welcome Dance and Tandu Permaisuri (Princess Carriage) Performance by Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN). Be amazed by the grand dance.

Dato’ Ar. Michael Ong, Group Executive Director of Quill Group of Companies deliver a Raya speech during the grand launch to welcome members of the media, friends and shoppers. Dato’ Ar. Michael Ong, Executive Director, Ng Chee Kheong, COO of Quill Group of Companies, Joseph Teo, Vice President, Marketing of Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur, Director Michael Ang, Fattah Amin and Shiha Zikir will be officiating this launch thereafter.

To conclude the grand launch, an amazing performance by the talented singer, Shiha Zikir is due to be serenaded to the guests. Shoppers can come and witness the appearance of Fattah Amin and Nur Fazura “Berbuka Puasa” with orphanage children and Raya offerings during this holy month of Ramadan on 11th June 2017. 

For this holy month, Quill City Mall have prepared lots of amazing events for you guys!

Special Artists’ Appearances and Performances to Set the Stage Alight

Special artists’ appearance by Prima Valet and artists’ performances by Hael Husaini and Amira Othman are sure to set the stage alight during Raya Kasih & Cinta celebrations. Don’t miss out your favourite artists’ appearance on the following dates:

       Aidilfitri Special Artist Appearance by Prima Valet
28 May & 4, 11, 18 June at 3:00pm

Aidilfitri Special Performance by Hael Husaini
1 July at 3:00pm

  Aidilfitri Special Performance by Amira Othman
2 July at 3:00pm


Festive and Unique Raya Redemptions Awaits You

Unique Raya Redemptions of Hari Raya Packet, Limited Edition “Hero Seorang Cinderella” Pillow and Kasih & Cinta Love Locks awaits you guys at Quill City Mall. Drop by to stand a chance to redeem the attractive collectibles during Raya Kasih & Cinta.

      Hari Raya Packet Redemption
Spend RM99 in 2 accumulated receipts on the same day to redeem FREE Hari Raya green packets designed especially for this festive Raya period.

 Limited Edition Pillow Redemption
With just a simple spend RM199 in 2 accumulated receipts on the same day; shoppers will get to redeem a Limited Edition “Hero Seorang Cinderella” Pillow And more! Spice up your Ramadhan with amazing activites in Quill City Mall. See you there!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)