June 15, 2017

HAIRDEPOT, the place for Hair Paradise!

Hello, Assalamualaikum loves!

Soooo, how’s your Puasa so far, loves? It’s almost 20 days now and count down to beautiful 10 days, which is the most beautiful upcoming 10 days ahead where we all, Muslims will meet Lailatul Qadr holy night. O ALLAH, this is such a great opportunity to increase all your good doings and pray as much as you can to seek ALLAH forgiveness. May ALLAH bless you, beautiful people. Oh wait, I heard Mood Republic will be held tomorrow until this Sunday, 16-18 June *facepalm* I can’t wait to shop like super crazyyy tomorrow despite what trouble I’m facing right now LOL It’s super embarrassing but yeah, whatever. Like I have my courage to tell you lovely peeps about that funny yet really tragic story. Only some of my friends know about that and they laughing instead of feeling pity, I’m not gonna judge, but it is funny. Like really sad funny OMG

My preparation for this coming Eid Mubarak is like around 60% because I still haven’t found my beautiful dress. I mean, yeah my mum already bought for me and Sissy Nyek Aisya when she took one day leave for Eid Shopping last week, but the outfit I bought, I’m not feeling that ‘Raya’ spirit. That’s why I want to shop in Mood Republic tomorrow LOL

BUT! When it come to super beautiful Raya hair, yes I already prepared 100% for it and all that can be found in HAIRDEPOT!

TBH, I never try to buy any products from HAIRDEPOT before since I’m such a big fan of Watsons Argan Oil, which the name is Lucido-L >>>CLICK HERE<<< this baby is freaking amazing, I tell ya! It is quite affordable and I believe that when I apply Lucido-L Argan oil, it does made my hair turn beautiful golden black hair and it shines like super cool dramatic. Arghh, I just wish you guys can see what I mean since I don’t explain really well here SMH but for HAIRDEPOT, OMG I think I just found a beautiful paradise for my beautiful hair. Influenced by the fashion scene, HAIRDEPOT is created with commitments to sell hair and scalp care products for every hair and scalp conditions at reasonable prices without compromising on product quality and are easily available for customers’ shopping convenience. As I can see, HAIRDEPOT claim to be one stop beauty center for everyone hair where all the products are internationally branded that derives from Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Finland and more!

All items are separated by label for each product. Parallel with HAIRDEPOT slogan, Treat Your Hair RIGHT!, now the brand establish as one of Malaysia leading hair and scalp care retail chains providing root to tip hair and scalp care solutions through an assorted mix of over 1000 products under twenty over renowned brands sold in HAIRDEPOT outlets strategically located in Malaysia. 

If you guys come to HAIRDEPOT for the first time, fret not! Now I’m listing several reason why you have to, no scratch that, why you need to shop here and be crazy because all the product is amaze-ball!

All beautiful customers will experience a very pleasant and interactive shopping because all the beauty expert will explain to you the most suitable product that fit your need. I mean, that day I try to find next second best Argan Oil for my hair and I found the new one, which originated from Aussie and the product infused with Macademia oil. OMG, I really have re-purchase that baby back this weekend and I would really love to be pampered by their beauty expert to show what best for me even more. So like, Yeay!

HAIRDEPOT have the most amazing visual products are displayed by type categories; from cleansing, treatment, intensive care, styling, tools, accessories and other hair & scalp care essentials, customers can browse through over 1000 products at ease.

Customer can choose whether shopping for a regularly used brand or seeking out options of alternatives. In HAIRDEPOT,  there are variety of wide selection of brands and products for every hair and scalp care needs and awarded with exclusive distributorship in Malaysia by the Principal of LITTLE GREEN, NEW YORK STREET, PHYTORELAX LABAROTORIES, CAB’S, ERAYBA and FARCOM. The most important thing is that, all house brands formed 80% of HAIRDEPOT brands mix are quality products researched, tested and manufactured by international panel of manufacturing partners.

Scalp scan service is available in HAIRDEPOT for beauty expert associates to better understand of customers hair and scalp conditions, providing consultation as needed and finding the right hair and scalp care solutions.

If you guys really lazy to go to any HAIRDEPOT branches, you can always shop online! The best part is that every month, there’s gonna be more and more exclusive deals for everyone to purchase and experience big discounts that not only save your money, but it is all about quantity baby!

Listed below are some of the product that I got during visit in HAIRDEPOT:-

Since I didn't take the full pictures for the products, so yeah I pasted here with the description as well for easy guidance just for you guys! 

Oh, what’s more, you guys can always use my code when you do purchasing online. Insert Voucher Code: HBE20J (EXPIRED UNTIL 31'ST JULY) during check out. 

All HAIRDEPOT Shopping Mall: Mid Valley / 1Utama / Berjaya Time Square / Nu Sentral / Amcorp Mall / Pear Point 2 / Jaya Shopping Centre / Quill City Mall / eCurve / IPC Mutiara Damansara / Aeon Rawang / KL SOGO / Batu Pahat Square One / Batu Pahat Mall.
Street Shop: Kepong Baru, Kepong Metro Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, Aman Puri, Taman Bukit Maluri, TTDI, Taman Megah, SS2, PJ, Puchong Bandar Putri, Sri Petaling, Selayang Jaya, Muar Johor, Bukit Indah Johor, Taman Perling Johor.

Get your Raya hair now loves! Yes you’re very welcome to shop your favorite on their website! Yeay!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)