October 31, 2017

WOMENFEST MY 2017 X Local makeup cosmetics haul

Hello my loves, Assalamualaikum :)

Yeay, tomorrow is a first November and I can't wait for my trip to PENANG! Eventhough there's a lot of obstacles for me to go thru along with the plan, but Inshaa ALLAH I hope it turns out nicely this weekend *hoping with bling bling eyes* 

As a Malaysian, YES, my country (if you happen to be non-Malaysian/first time reader) is a country that producing tonnes of self-Entrepreneur and encourage to establish own product especially when it comes to makeup and skincare. It's like, total madness in market because everyone push themselves and prove to be the best among the rest. It's really a common sight if you're in business world and as long as it is healthy competition, you're good to go! So, when there's an event related with WomenFest and focus majorly on Fashion and beauty lifestyle, me, as a beauty blogger will never, ever gonna miss this!

In conjunction with October month, or known as Pinktober, it is such a bliss to be extra in appreciating women all around the world because it's help to remember all fighter to fight and survive when it comes to battle with breast cancer, the No 1 disease that hate and fear by our kind. So, the event emphasize on helping empowering each other to become more stronger and better towards future. All profit and charity works will be donate to the one that needed. It's like getting benefits 2 in 1. Shops and Share!

List of all brands presence during WomenFest and since I'm such a huge sucker for makeup, YES! I did manage to grab couple of things that I really want to try. I know, some people might be extra doubt when it comes to local products, but some of them not that bad. My tips of shopping local brands, please make sure you buy it from authorized dealer/seller and grab all of it if SALE occurs! LOL

YASS! All the product above is amazing that I tried once during previous events and collaboration, so I put 100% trust for these babies. Let's see some swatches/review shall we?

I remember, this is the first brand I buy when I step into the very first booth, it's called SO.LEK Cosmetics. I love the classic vibe in each products this brand sells, such as cushion, Blusher cushion and lip mattes. Since all Malaysian loves Mattes *so typical, LOL* I opt with blusher. SO.LEK came out with 2 blusher named Mekar and Terumbu. 

I chose Terumbu over Mekar because I never had an orang-ish creme cushion blush before, plus my sayang love this color too. Dibs to amazing color and I can't wait to try it very soon.


Another great local product emphasize on body care besides typical makeup and skincare LOL introducing, BAU BATHE! I tried their shower gel before because I got for free from contest that I enter and it's indeed good! Each shower gel got cute name and I remember I got the green one called ' Tree House Royal'.

BAU BATHE is the next best dupes for LUSH Cosmetics because all the price is affordable and you still can get and choose each scents that you love. I chose the cute Bath bomb and body bar eventhough I didn't own an bath tub LOL but whatever, I still can use it during my next trip to oversea *smirk*

During the WomenFest, BAU BATHE displayed each set which are Body set and Travel set. I got these baby at price RM60+ really cool, aite! Their latest product would be Massage candle, where the candle melt over the hot burn ass fire, the wax can be use to massage dry and flaky skin. So cool, I love the idea!


LOL, move over Beauty blender SEPHORA because Breena Beauty is slayin' to the God when it comes to find the most nicest and fluffiest beauty blender ever! OMG, I have to agree with all beauty community, this shit is literally the best! I'm always stick with CS.Makeup and ALTHEA Beauty blender before I find these baby!

The capacity of absorption liquid is the best and perfect for everyday usage, oh and Breena Beauty also produce 9 shades of mattes collection. I'm not big fond for the lips, but I recommend you guys to try it since the website and Instagram of this brand always do flash sales for their customers. So yeah, go for it!


NITA Cosmetics is one of my favorite when I visited WomenFest last Sunday because to my surprise, I am glad Aznita, loves me so much and I used to collaborate with UMMA X NITA product previously. So, no surprise there when I grab NITA Cosmetic latest addition makeup, Jumbo Moist lips and stunning eyeshadow palette!

Swatches for Grand Palace eyeshadow palette, match with Ankara and Istanbul Moist jumbo lips!

Close up for the lippies. OMG, Istanbul such an adorable orange color *IDK why I'm into Orange lately LOL* and Ankara is fun, purple pink mixed that suits everyone from every skin colors. NITA Cosmetics previous products are liquid lip mattes and lipstick matte. All the colors sure are pretty and very airy, not to forget the names represent variety of Malaysia essence. Except the new collection where all inspires by Turkey vibe. Don't believe me? see for yourself, babydolls!


Velvet Vanity, another favorite of mine because girllll, the colors is so fetch! I pick Monochrome Madness, where it consist of shades 'In the bloom' and 'Florescence' where it emphasize all time nude favorite that likely suits every girl dreams to get the perfect nude lips. 

I'm familiar with the brand when I went to 'Girls night out' event in The Bee, Publika. Same with the name, every time I visit the booth, Vanity mirror is a their main attraction. Love it! Velvet Vanity  also got some of bundles set and can buy individually. Each set can be act as present to dear one or buy it for yourself, Oh and every purchase you get a set sticker to decorate your lip case. Cutie!


Anyone crave for healthy snacks? Yes, you can never go wrong with Amazing Grace! This is literally the best healthy snacks I taste and never going back. Each flavors are super delicious and please, of please try their variety box to experience all! 


Dida for women, is so livin' the diva inside of me! I used to try Dida's Metallic colors and I hooked with the super, light weight formula and ever lasting shade! I chose 'Coachella' and I will always love that name and that gold, brown color. So, I try their next best thing, matte lippies collaborate with Mimpi Kita. 

Livin' for the colors, is super YES for me. For more colors variation, click link below!


Overall, I will try to do some makeup deets using these baby and will post it on my IG. Don't forget to follow and show some love, my loves!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)