May 21, 2018

SCHWARZKOPF 120 year celebration X Media launch

Hello beautiful, how you doing? :)

Well, I kinda got some time to write my current pending post (and LOL, unfortunately the media kit is already throw away when I'm doing some spring clean in my room) So, I'm just gonna remember very vividly about the latest product launch by Schwarzkopf, plus it's also marked their 120 year of hair expertise when it comes for grooming and hair care. Wow, that's kinda impressive aite, mate?

The product brand, Schwarzkopf is common heard from online and also the hair product can get easily from drugstores and beauty stores too. When I reached there, I'm not letting an opportunity to snap lots of picture as during the event held, Schwarzkopf also do Instagram competition, where all three final winner will receive RM900 worth of Schwarzkopf hair product! So awesome yet, I didn't win. Pffft

I mean, come on! Y U NO CHOOSE ME, SCHWARZKOPF? 

The event start about 1-2 hour later after registration, talk about really bad time management but I think it's okay since I got a chance to meet with their brand spoke person/ambassador that represents Schwarzkopf, which are Mawar Rashid, Emma Shazleen and I don't remember the other one (she's an insta famous though, but I'm more excited to meet the other two) The event also cover Schwarzkof latest hair product, Hydro Collagen where it's specialize for dry, coarse hair and a good choice to use for unisex. 

Personally, I never try Schwarzkopf brand before, I mean, OMG even I'm having trouble how to say the brand name correctly, so I just opt using SAFI since the brand cover for Hijabians as well as other ordinary girls. I'm still trying to like this brand and in the middle of using it. So far so good, but nothing changes so much. Maybe I can see the difference like after a month, or two after wearing it. LOL bear with me please, dear hair!

And I'm done for this one! see you beautiful at next entry  :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)