August 13, 2014


Assalamualaikum, hey baby!

Okay, lama sangattttt dah saya tak check upon my blog. I mean, like not that lama since the last update. By the way, I do realize yang people love this ENTRY to find out more about Oxygen Cream + EGF serum. For now, saya dah tak pakai Oxygen Cream since dah habis T.T but the EGF serum still ada *itupun nak habis, tinggal sebutir dua LOL* I totally recommend this products for babydoll out there for perfect and beautiful skin. Try je lah tengok Instagram kak Nina and Kak Sazzy sebab banyakkkk sangat testimonies about this two miracle products! Now they are launching new product. Nak tahu lebih lanjut boleh click link di bawah :3

So like, raya month dah masuk week kedua and hey, korang dah buat ke puasa sunat enam? Better buat weh, dapat pahala berganda disamping dapat cut our cravings on raya + fatty foods. I know, open house sana sini zzz 


Well, well me nak story sikit yang before raya,during Ramadhan, I participated this #RamadhanSketchChallenge2014 anjuran KL Sketch Nation on Instagram and I heard they will helding a big and surprising new event at the end of this month *mood excited turn ON* so here, some of my sketches that I drawn 

Lil Kitty.


The moon and butterfly.


Le Ebby. 

The moustache is inspired by my lovely cat because she have big, furry fat mouth when she's meowing :3

Lady Doll.

Don't you just love moon? 

Ooookkayy tak tahu kenapa pic jadi kecik compared to pic atas -.-

Dead Flower.

Basically, these are some of the sketches and I add on some colors to brighten it up. Pemilihan colors pulak, I prefer colors yang warm compared to cold because I want the drawings to look alive and eye-catching! ehehehe :3

Honest review, I believe, melukis ni takkan kemana and tiada nilai dekat Malaysia ni since people here are not really appreciate arts. Saya perasan benda ni quite lama and that's concludes why dekat negara such as Paris, London and Australia dorang lagi banyak offer the opportunity or courses related with arts compared to Malaysia. So sad kan T.T That's why with this kind of program help to nurture and loving arts among kids, teens, or adult. Everyone can make a big art, it just matters of time, effort and passion. I really hope that one day, I got my own products related with arts. In shaa ALLAH, 25% progression on my big project regarding this arts area :3 Can't wait to tell you guys soon, biar lambat asalkan result selamat hebat, tiptop and drop dead gorgeous!

Here their Facebook Page. Go check'em out!

I got some inquiry on Facebook and Instagram regarding how I draw like a pro* Tang mana pro taktau -.-* & people asked wanting to buy my arts. To be honest, I'm still in the middle of learning and saya tak pro okay. I'm still terkedek-kedek lagi. Asalkan kita consistent and developing lil by lil, it really pays off. And for buying stuff, for now memang tak open for sale sebab I don't think I deserves to sell my products since I'm still newbie. In shaa ALLAH, real soon I give the details. Patience is virtue, darling 

P/S: All the inquiry related with my arts can directly email me on aimi_00000092@yahoo.com

P/S lagi: Give me some credits if you guys want to re-post, take, crop my doodles/ art pictures. Thank you.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)