August 19, 2014

KL Sketch Nation ♥

Assalamualaikum, Hai dolls!

Great news for arts lover out there and me too *yes yes yes* come and visit this new and big event held by KL Sketch Nation *Mood excited*

Here are the details *based on the email that I got*:-


We are happy to announce that KLsketchnation is set to hold an exquisite and grand event, KLSketchFest2014/Mari Sketch KL, in a collaboration with our talented friends of Galeri Titik Merah at the Art Row, Publika.

The tentative dates are from Friday 22 August 2014 until Sunday 24 August 2014 — a three-day long celebration of sketches and sketching consisting of exhibitions, sketch walks, workshops, talks and discussions, and many more.

Through a series of multiple sketch walks and social media campaigns, the KLsketchnation platform has welcomed people appreciative of the act of sketching coming from various, different backgrounds. At the raw age of only six months young, KLsketchnation has been able to charter its growth, accelerated the spread its message and consolidated the community's core value: to add togetherness in sketching. 

For sure, none of these are possible without your support. 

We therefore would like to extend our gratitude by extending an invitation to be a part of this event.You are welcome to:

1) To submit your artwork in forms of sketchbooks or sketch pieces, framed sketch or

2) To volunteer for the three-day event.

3) Come, enjoy and show your support *ni memang memandai saya add hahaha :3*

and you may attach 5-10 of your best scanned pieces
by Wednesday 20 August 2014. 

For those interested to submit their artworks, we will be delighted to receive your artworks beginning Wednesday 20 August 2014 until Thursday 21st August 2014.Works may be submitted physically, directly to our representatives currently based at the venue itself in Galeri Titik Merah, Artrow, Publika. And we might need some contribution of RM25 per person to support the event as we are on a zero budget event.

Feel free to reply via e-mail or call or text the number attached below if you have any questions. We are keen to guide you through.

Jom, lukis sama-sama. We hope to hear from you back as soon as possible as this is an adhoc/guerilla event! 


Coordinator: Syahmi - 0172740704
Director: Hakym - 0122051990
Co-Director -Syukri - 0122880737
Secretary: Qaisy - 0172798708
Treasurer: Ieqa - 0173886015

The End"

Whatcha waiting for, loves? jom support our arts and I'm really sure you guys gonna love it!

Some of the sketches lagi ehehe  

P/S: Please credit to me before you want to re-post, crop, edit my sketch. Thank you darlings  

FACEBOOK PAGE: KL Sketch Nation 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)