November 29, 2016

WePrint X Customize Phone Case

Hello, Assalamualaikum loves one!

OMGGGGGGGG, I've been abandon my blog for almost weeks because I'm busy adjusting my previous leisure and carefree time writing bloggie to full time work in YKS. Yes, it's not easy because I love waking up almost noon LOL but now, okay lah T.T

I actually have some great news to share with you guys because I know everybody love their phones. Like a lot even the clone or authentic one! Remember when I wrote review regarding with WePrint X WeChat? (CLICK HERE) Now the company establish new campaign where you can customize your own phone casing! I know lots of IG-ers offers some of great services about phone case and sometimes even cute one, but WePrint also not missin' this opportunity to give you guys with cheaper price. How cool is that!

List of Phone Models:

1 Samsung Note 2

2 Samsung Note 3

3 Samsung Note 4
4 Samsung Note 5
5 Samsung S3
6 Samsung S3 Mini
7 Samsung S4
8 Samsung S4 Mini
9 Samsung S5
10 Samsung S6
11 Iphone 4
12 Iphone 5/5s
13 Iphone 5c
14 Iphone 6+
15 Iphone 6s
16 Iphone 6

If the phone models are matched with the list stated above, go ahead with the next step. I think most of you peeps are well known with the steps of customizing your own phone case. It is really easy as pie!

So, here's mine! LOL I know I kinda feel loving myself A.K.A narcissism overload much because not so much everyone love to put their giant face on phone case like me *sigh* kinda think it's really bad idea doing this shit.

Next step as follows;

-You must LIKE & SHARE this post (actually this depends on you.No pressure) 
-Send the photos to print at 019-9858151 via Whatsapp and add wording that would you like to add on (optional). 
-Then, made payment after confirmation (I will include my code to get cheapest price evaa!) and you will receive your precious phone casing within 3-5 days. 

                                                             CODE: AN1001

Get yours now!

P/S: I'm really am sorry for late post because I really am busy with events and workloads. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)