September 13, 2017

Feelin' all dazzle with Dashing!

Hello loves, good day and Assalamualaikum :)

I'm literally happy and smilin' like crazy because I just finish doin' what I love, which is shopping till death tear me and makeup apart T.T and basically pretty normal stuff I'm doin' everyday until I received new products from PR regarding with men perfumes. 

Well, I know most of the time girls/ladies love perfumes (the nearest example would be me LOL) and when it comes to boys/men spraying perfume, someeeee of them might think its kinda girly. Like, really? girly??? No you're wrong! Nowadays men are proved to look and smells good to impress other people and perfumes does lift up someone mood. And I'm not being shady, it is that, literally everyone at least loves a good and pleasant smells. So, here some new products from Dashing comes to the rescue specified for all men out there!

As I said ealier, Mr Venkat Jangam, Marketing Manager of Wipro Unza also reiterate the same thing over and over again;

“A good look must be complemented with good smell, and You can be dressed in the latest fashion from head to toe but oftentimes, it is the body odor that will be the ‘killer factor’ to making and maintaining a good impression. That is why it is important for a man, regardless of profession and status, to have pleasant body smell all time, throughout the day.”

In order to cater demand for men need, just like all ladies, Dashing has developed new and enhanced perfume called Anytime EDT. The best features about these baby is that it came in compact sized, easy-to-use and convenient AF! you can used it anytime and anywhere in a flash and look at the packaging where it is designed to fit every pocket size like a neat credit card that is perfect for the man on the go.

Each pocket-sized Dashing Anytime EDT range comes in four unique variants which are Cool, Active, Ultimate Kick and Hattrick.
1.      Cool
·   This masculine fragrance defines your identity and magnetism. A cool fresh scent topped with a captivating blend of bergamot and galbanum whilst accented with powdery amber and musk as base note.This scent is designed to exude the cool masculine charm within you.
2.      Active
·  Dedicated to the rugged men on the go who are passionate about life in the outdoors. Topped with modern fougĂ©re nuances combined with a bright citrus top note, lavender, muguet heart and a novel amber background. This scent is bound to keep you active on your toes.

3.      Ultimate Kick
·    A scent made for champions, Ultimate Kick brings out the suave side in every facade of a modern man’s daily life. The Ultimate Kick features summer-like active fragrance featuring a concoction of lemon, enhanced with the freshness of cardamom supported by vanilla and a musky base.
4.      Hattrick
·  A winning strike for every Dashing man,Hattrick’s enigmatic fragrance ignites one’s love for winning goals. Hattrick exudes the unique combination of apple and citrus freshness, infused with floral notes and a hint of amber.

Since I'm not wearing the perfume (duhh, obviously) so I gave it to my love and he's loving all the scents. I think it's great because he is not that picky when it comes to appearance because he just embracing all the good, down-to-earth guy kinda vibes and that's makes me love him. As long as he is happy, I am happy too :)

You guys can get these too at where ever drugstore, pharmacies, supermarket and hypermarket with retailing price at RM7.00! 

Thank you for reading, have a nice day peeps!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)