September 27, 2017

Anna Sui X Guardian Malaysia travel bag collection launch

Hello dollies, Assalamualaikum!

Okay guys, this is another fun event that I recently went (well, technically, my cutie patotie love to be exact) went to the event on behalf of me since I’m sick and busy dealing with real life working LOL but OMG just looking at the pictures he snap and sent to me thru Whatsapp made my day! Sometimes I feel like I’m torn between earning money diligently every month VS attending lots of amazing, exclusive events that I can meet with new peeps and learning lots of new thing too. I mean, growing adult suck but I have to endure it. Yup, not everyone loving their job right? But if you love your job, yeay for you J well, I still love my job anyway but yeah…feels kinda sad because I really want to go to new and next events so bad! *crying river*

I did mention the event is supposed to be fun right? LOL it is incredible and not to mention, it’s related with one of the most successful  person in beauty and fashion World that literally scored everything for every girls. Can you guess who is it? *smirk*

Oh damn you right, my friends! Finally, yes, finally Guardian Malaysia collaborate with the one and only le famous Anna Sui in conjunction of launching new set of travel bag collection! To me personally, I’m really happy that Guardian step up their game to attract customer by coming up with this initiative because TBH, I’m much more on Watsons Girl compared to Guardian. But not anymore when I heard about this launch!

Some of demonstration for all Anna Sui travel bag collection.

This amazing collaboration happens due to understand every women needs that love to travel but still wanna pack their belongings in cute and sophisticated travel bag. Oh did I mention that these collections came with 4 designs, which are Trolley luggage in 24” and 20”, Tote bag and the cutest one is, designer case! I mean, look at these babies, peeps! Don’t you just feel love around the air?

Some of the models giving pose as poise AF and at the event, the genius behind this collaboration, Ms.Christina Low, Marketing director of Guardian Health & Beauty, also mention that each of Anna Sui travel collection designs inspires by beautiful scents, butterfly, roses and vibrant colors. And the most interesting part is that every bag got their own stories!

But my favorite would definitely from Trolley luggage 20” story because the butterfly pattern is her ‘thang’ for Spring collection in year 2009. Apparently the colors are the same, except that, She replace some of the butterfly pattern to her beautiful ‘Romantica’ bottle perfume, which looks really classy and super pink!

Another next best story is her inspiration for tote bag, TBH, the stripes is monochrome vibe in the first place, and for the flower inspired by one of her gown for Spring collection in year 2007. She treasures that one the most because it is still one of Anna Sui iconic pattern and also become part of the cover page for her latest book, “The World of Anna Sui”

For the designer case, it’s basically inspires by her tremendous pattern, colors and packaging of Anna Sui cosmetics line up until now.  I feel really amazed with Anna Sui collection even though I actually never have one before FML but whatever it is, I know that this travel bag collection will definitely a big hit, guaranteed! Oh, another thing is that Anna Sui will also unleash two limited edition perfumes EDT in 30ML  name “Dream Yellow” and “La Vie De Boheme” RM99 each inclusive GST.

For Anna Sui Travel bag collection redemption, the steps is super easy, so  make sure you guys follow exactly what I listed below:-

1. For every minimum purchase of RM20, you are entitled to obtain 1 stamp.

2. Next stamp will be given IF and ONLY IF you guys buy any products from these major brands such as Bio-Essence, Dettol, Dove, Maybelline, Nivea and Pantene. 

3.  Collect 10 stamps and you’re done! You can redeem each bag with half of the prices:
Trolley luggage 24” :  RM159.90 (RP: RM399)
Trolley luggage 20” : RM129.90 (RP: RM199)
Tote bag : RM69.90 (RP:RM129)
Designer case: RM59.90 (RP: RM 99)

4. All the stamps will be release TOMORROW! (So excited!) on 28th SEPTEMBER 2017 until 31st DECEMBER 2017 (while stock lasts)

5.What the hell are you waiting for? Time to shop!

For more information, log on to Guardian Malaysia website: CLICK HERE

P/S: Tomorrow is pay check day! Definitely gonna stock up some of essential things, and yeah in other meaning, I need all of Anna Sui travel bag collection. So bye!

Lots of love,

Miss A :)