September 11, 2017

Product review: Ecowell Organic Cosmetics

Hello guys, Assalamualaikum loves :)

I’m really excited/totally mess this week because I got lotsaaaaa invitation to International fashion shows, Makeup events and photo-shoot campaign. So yeah, basically I’m literally messy AF and I cannot organize by my own. That is why, I put the most important job first, then follow up with next event, my beautiful mother birthday celebration. This week such a hectic week, not gonna deny that LOL but I still enjoy every minutes of it.

Since I know, well if you’re my loyal readers (as if I have one sobs T.T) you know I am such a makeup whore. Like, I love makeup so much and also post out some of my Makeup Of The Day a.k.a MOTD on my social feeds (Instagram, Facebook personal/page) because I wanna see if I got some improvement for my makeup skill and apparently, I do. OMG so bonus to this one! I mean, it’s not really a big thing, but sure is a new achievement unlock for someone noobies like me LOL but yeah whatever. Another product I scored this week is none other than Organic beauty cosmetics brand, EcoWell!

TBH, I rarely hear about this brand because hello, lots of products in beauty drugstore grows rapidly and almost everyday is a new product skincare launch, so yeah excuse me if I missed  this another skincare product. But, anyway, I got this from Natural Elixir PR and thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to try some of their products that consider as best-selling too.

I got 2 out of their skincare product which are Rose Hydrating Facial mist and UV shield SPF 21. I’m so excited to try because both products are manufactured in Turkey and formulated in Switzerland. How cool is that babies out!

Lil info about Ecowell Rose Hydrating Mist:-

The product claims to regenerate, clear and enliven the skin with replenishing and balancing facial mist. It is specially formulated for instant smoother, suppler and softer skin. This hydrating mist is perfect for travelling due to the cute packaging and giving instant nourishment too.  Main ingredients for this baby includes precious rose water from the Rosa Damascena Flower, which helps control and balance sebum production, tighten pores and hydrate the complexion with lil help from Chamomile to provide protection against environmental elements, free radicals, thus promotes a healthy glow from nourished skin. I love the rose scent because it helps me feel refresh and definitely remind of my mother because my mother name itself starting from Ros :)

So far, I already try couple of times and really in love with everything from this mist. This product are suitable for every skin type, but definitely a go-to suffering dry skin to help moisturize their face and also perfect for before/after makeup application to give extra dewy, glowy and sexy look. OMG, so yeay for this one!

Next one is Ecowell UV Shield SPF21, which made from all Organic ingredients such as Organic Shea Butter to regenerate and protect skin, Organic Aloe Vera to soothes, heals and protect from UV Damage and lastly, Organic Orange Oil to purifies and replenish moisture levels. Who loves Organic foods? You should definitely try this Organic skincare products to protect your skin from sun damage and keep your skin healthy.

Since the product contains SPF20++ and organic blends, thus it’s definitely children safe due to fast-absorbing formulation, provides the best in advanced sun protection and leaves skin soft and smooth. This sunblock also can be worn under makeup for daily use. I tried this once and I gotta say, the formula is quite thick so, I don’t quite sure with the light-weight formula they claimed about LOL but I still love it.

Both products, nope all Eco-well skincare products are free from Paraben, Silicone, SLS & SLES, Liquid Parrafin, coloring agent and Petroleum-based chemicals. What’s more, it is dermatologically tested and Halal certified! Surely I will purchase this babies when it's already finish and  hey, if you love organic product, try Ecowell too,loves!

You can buy it based on the links provided:-


Lots of love,
Miss A  :)