September 22, 2017

Hakubi White C Series - White and Bright Inside Out!

Hello darling, Assalamualaikum people!

Yesss, finally I got time to update my blog because this week, I’m in pain mood. Literally pain when it comes to my ear and god help me, it is not going well, wait I mean getting better because I experience the pain since last Sunday and up until now it’s still bugging my hearing condition. I already met with few doctors and the result not so good. Apparently I’m suffering quite serious ear infections that might come with heavy eardrum damage too. So, I am hoping this situation will wrap up in good way at the end. *Heavy sigh*

Despite all the difficulties I’m suffering RN, I’m really grateful towards some of the PR’s that keep on sending me some loves with event invitation and products too. One of the product that I received last 2 weeks is regarding with Hakubi White C Series!

With the tagline emphasize on ‘White and Bright, Inside out’ this new and healthy whitening product really understand what every women want, especially for Asian people who love having White and bright skin. I’m pretty sure that not everyone are bless with super beautiful and blemish-free face because it is normal to experience skin problem throughout adulthood changes. Freckles, Pigmentation, Acne, wrinkles you name it peeps! However, we cannot blame wholly for that because other factors might be consider too like unhealthy lifestyle, stress and environmental changes.

Due to cater women need to have beautiful and healthy bright skin, Sato Pharmaceutical Co, one of amazing healthcare in Japan and fully certified from US and Europe has launch this set, Hakubi White C Plus and Hakubi White C gel.

TBH, I’m not a big fan of whitening products anymore because face it, I’m already 25 and my main goal is just to have healthy, glow face inside out. BUT! Since one of the product from Hakubi White C series focus on promoting healthy and can be taken for daily usage, I kinda want to try it!

Oh yeah, before that, let me brief shortly for the products because this is my first time hearing about Hakubi White and sadly, it’s only available at selected Watsons Malaysia outlet but you guys can always find it at every SASA  Malaysia outlets.

Okay, for Hakubi White C Plus, this product contains Vitamin C, L-Cysteine, Vitamin B6  and recommended for daily intake. The product claims to repairs for inside purpose and it does several goodness such as promotes healing and healthy body, increase skin metabolism, helping regenerate the skin and enhance detox effect.

And well, for Hakubi White C gel, as you guys can see, the product is clear gel and infused with Vitamin C and Licorice extract. The product is more focus for the outside and it does help to moisturize and protect damage skin. Furthermore, it helps to activate collagen synthesis and purifies to maintain healthy skin. The gel also suppress the production of melanin and protect against blemishes and freckles.  I find the gel is really easy to blend and does not leave any sticky feeling whatsoever. It is recommended to wear at night because I think any product apply during night will absorb much better during day time.

The Hakubi White C Series might work individually too, but it is better to get these baby together for a whiter, brighter and healthier skin. Oh yeah, the price are listed below:-

Hakubi White C plus: RM RM122.85
Hakubi White C gel: RM97.41

Both are GST inclusive and if you guys looking for a good supplements, you might wanna try this set. It is very safe and I believe, any product made from Japan is always the best. I guaranteed with that!

Lots of love,

Miss A :)