September 24, 2017

So much ❤ with ENCHANTEUR 24H perfume lotion

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

First of all, I would really glad to say ‘Awal Muharram’ to all my muslim people (eventhough I wish quite late, I know that) May ALLAH bless all beautiful souls out there and yes, another new year for all Muslim and let’s get crackin’! Let’s enhance and empower ourself with lots of good deeds and spread positive vibes to everyone. I really hope I’m getting better throughout this new year because I didn’t think I achieve so much in my life and I still haven’t find my own purpose in life. It’s been 25 years I breathe, live, eat, poop, and whatever but I still feel there’s emptiness inside my heart. I really need to top up more all the good knowledge when it comes to my own religion teach. I need to improve, I have to.  

So yeah, enough mumble for my own damn self, I received new parcel from PR regarding with latest and improved  Perfumed Body Lotion from one and only, Enchanteur!

I think Enchanteur must really love me and le blog because PR keep sending me these new baby and I’m really happy with that :) so, thank you so much! For me, personally I think these new product is really a-must-have to people that exposed themselves with quite unhealthy lifestyle (literal meaning, the one who work under heavy air-cond and didn’t get well very much with sun) sadly, I’m one of these bad category (yeay me T.T) because I work in office and sometime might suffer occasional dry and dull skin, which is quite bad for long-term effect. So from there, I know that drinking enough 8-10 glasses of water just couldn’t boost the hydration of my skin, I need to apply lots and lots of moisturizer too! Wow, never thought that my skin need that because I always apply on le face alone, though LOL (and pretty much I claimed my self as beauty blogger without knowing this fact, FML)

With the latest and new Enchanteur 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion that specially formulated with Rose Water to nourishes and hydrates, White Lily Extract that rich with Amino Acid and Pure Olive Oil, widely known for moisture properties,  it is too damn perfect for all busy ladies a lotion that will keep their skin moisturized, youthful and glowing all day long with just one application a day.

Based on the observation, It is clinically proven that with a single application of Enchanteur 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion, skin enjoys immediate moisturize and hydration for up to 24 hours. It delivers luxurious moisture thus provide a comfortable texture to the skin and does not feel sticky after application due to aqua effect too.

These new babies from Enchanteur comes with 3 variants: Charming, Romantic and Alluring which keeps le skin soft and smooth with hydration up to 24 hours and smell good all day long. Lil brief for each scents listed below:-

ENCHANTEUR Charming (made for the sensual, elegant & sophisticated)
• The fragrance which captures the essence of sophistication and chic femininity opens with an exotic mix of Rose and Muguet that’s embraced by Citrus and Aldehydes. It then undergoes a subtle change as the base notes of Musk and Cedarwood become more apparent to perfectly complement your inner style.

ENCHANTEUR Romantic (made for the uplifting, cheerful & feminine)
• A scent which bears the joyous burst of zesty Mandarin with lively, green crisp of Violet and Galbanum that signify the beginning of a wonderful love. Just like true love that grows deeper, Romantic blossoms beautifully with Bulgarian Roses and White Jasmine mingled with delicate scent of Mimosa and Orange Flower. Lingering warm Sandalwood and Vanilla wrap up this lovely concoction that puts romance in the air. 

ENCHANTEUR Alluring (made for the seductive, passionate & mysterious)
• An exotic, seductive fragrance that exudes a sweet mysterious aura. It blends fruity notes of Bergamot and Passion fruit, dissolving into an intoxicating bouquet of Rose and Iris, and warmed by rich Vanilla, Musk and Vetiver – thereby concocting a bold scent that’s one of a kind.

You guys can get it from local drugstore, major supermarket and pharmacies with retail price as low as RM11.90 (GST Inclusive) and weight 220ml per bottle. So guys, go get some!

For more information, click link below:-

Lots of love,
Miss A :)