October 18, 2017

"IDOSPA" Media launch event | Oh yes, I do!

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum everyone! Happy Deepavali, sending all Diwali vibes *happiness sprinkles everywhere*

I am so glad that Malaysia is such a very bright, beautiful country that not only got delicious foods, attraction places for every states but also diversity in cultures! Every public holidays that announce as very essential day to every race is been respected and we got to experience all the happiness in ONE country. That is why, I would like to wish ‘Happy Diwali’ again to my Indian friends and I really hope you guys feel very happy celebrating your day! So then, what I like more about public hols? Of course the fun activity I got to spends with le family and doin’ some family outing, shopping, and also mani-pedi sesh to relax our minds. Oh, talk about something refreshing, recently I was invited to attend one of event that I think, every girls gonna love because it’s about an app that really useful and practical, not to mention it is about SPA!

Well, technically my love ❤️ attend the event behalf of me (thank you so much, sayang) and the event launch in Grand-Hyatt Hotel. When I received some of the pictures and information about the event, it’s really excites me to download the apps and explore the function of that apps. Yerp, as you guys can see from the title, the Apps called ‘IDOSPA’ which apparently connecting all business related with spa and wellness together in one single apps! The idea derived from the company, Idospa Sdn Bhd with one vision, to come up an online spa booking platform in Malaysia to help searching potential customers locally and tourist from all over the world visiting here know current beauty and wealth market in One-Beauty-Center inside le apps. So yeah, ‘IDOSPA’ were born!

As I heard from my love ❤️, the launch is officiated by YBhg Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, Director General of Tourism Malaysia, an Award Winning Malaysia singer Dayang Nurfaizah, and Jojo Struys, regional TV Host and Yoga Instructor. But the main brain behind ‘IDOSPA’ would be Mr Ben Chua, Chief Executive Officer. 

He mentioned that:-

“IDOSPA” offers users the unprecedented opportunity and platform to not only locate spa services, either in their vicinity or any other location, but also book them at the touch of a button and pay via hassle-free methods. Indeed, today is history in the making, and we’re glad to have you as part of this significant milestone, not only for us, but the Malaysian market as a whole.”

According to Datuk Mirza, he said that:-

“The wellness segment in Malaysia grew 10% in 2014, and the government hopes to develop the spa industry further to attract visitors with money to spend on these experiences. Malaysia's wellness and fitness industry has the potential to become a big revenue earner for the tourism sector and I believe this is a fair statement. Having an application such as IDOSPA will help tourists when they arrive are something that would definitely boost up the Malaysian Tourism industry even more!”

Either you’re an Apple Or Android Junkies, you can download le apps called ‘IDOSPA MY’ and you’re good to go! With a simple and clean User Interface, it makes the application easy and user friendly to operate. Consumers can make their bookings on the go with the app, enjoy the appointment made, and exit once they are finished.

Here, some guidelines I would like to show to you guys about ‘IDOSPA’ apps (gonna be loads of images baby, better have perfect internet line!)

1. Since Imma Apple baby, I download it via Apps Store. Now, time to click!

2. Fill up your information, click the rules and then, notification will be send in your email.

3. BONUS! you can insert my code: MYFIRSTUSE for RM30 off! LOL Next!

4. You can write any kind of places that you can explore when it comes to beauty/wellness spa center. For instance, I key in 'Mont Kiara' and the result displayed only 2. However, for 'Bangsar', these places shows!

5. And then, voila! you can click whatever fuck spas you desire, book an appointment, and pay at the place or via cards/online banking. Your call!

Business owner/Merchants, will also obtain other benefits such as organize management in various area regarding with their business including monitoring databases, customer segmentations, handling multiple centers and have a faster reach marketing platform.  So yeah, it’s win-win situation darlings!

I am really excited to book the spas via IDOSPA since I got some voucher (Oops, don’t be jealous guys! *smirk*) , so I’m gonna have le me, myself and I time this weekend to visit that one and lucky spa LOL 

for more information, click link below:-


Since I’mma Malaysian who loves celebrate all kind of festive, I would like to dedicate to all my readers the look I created just for Diwali!

Serving you, real Cranberry Goddess! (behind curtain is always good spot for selfie LOL don’t judge me)

Happy working back, peeps! (yes, you!)

Lots of love,

Miss A :)