October 13, 2017

Personalized Mug with WePrint ❤

Hello my loves, Assalamualaikum!

So far, my ear problem progress is getting better and also, finally I am now working as permanent employee in my company! *clap happily* I think that I didn’t do so much for what I contribute while working in probation period, but I am really glad and lucky to have a wonderful boss who trust me to execute lotsaa works related with Accounting and Secretarial job scope. TBH, I love working in the new place compared to before because I were exposed with new environment, handling with new Account software and knows lil bit (and more soon) when it comes to dealing with GST submission, SOCSO, PERKESO, PCB and LHDN documents. I am still learning and I hope I’m getting good with it :)

And for me, when I work in any new company (technically, just only two company I applied, LOL) my essential morning booster would definitely a nice fresh juice or cup of hot chocolate/coffee. So, of course when WePrint Gift offer me to make my own personalized Mug, I just cannot reject that love!

Why I’m so amused with personalized mug? Of course, it is link dearly to my heart because I got an opportunity to utilize my sweet memories and place it in something that I can look and touch every single day. Isn’t that amazing! WePrint Gift mentioned that personalized Mug will be really great for everyday choice and perfect for gift too. By using the latest technique which is heat transfer printing helps to print photos, names or messages according to the design selected.

Personalized mug can be choose either using design tool available in WePrint Gift website or design you own in Adobe Photo or illustrator, upload it and simply print it! 

So, among other designs given, I chose the above template, because it’s show simplicity and neat, which is so opposite of my dear self because I’m such a mess LOL 

Some of criteria about WePrint Gift personalized mug that I got are:-

a)         Ceramic
b)         3.25" Diameter, 3.75" Height
c)         Dishwasher and Microwave safe
d)         Available in 11oz
e)         Grade AA Mug with Premium Quality
f)          Fully imprinted with monogram, logo or any images on the surface.
g)         Available in Glossy & Matte type
h)         No Minimum Order Require (MOQ)

This Personalized Mug is mega cute, I love how the result came exactly what I feel when I see le picture of myself and my love! we look so funny here and I cannot believe, it’s been almost one and half year I met and love him, very dearly despite all the annoying-ness we shared together. Oh, WePrint Gift is not only focus for Mug, but other products available too with high quality product, user-friendly design and super affordable. The steps to order pretty easy, first you need to choose your product, then create your own design and place your order. Like I said, EASY AS PIE!

For more information, click link below:-

EMAIL: enquiry@weprintgift.com

Thank you for readin' this entry! have a great weekend, peeps!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)