October 20, 2017

SASSY Malaysia | Can you keep up with my SASS?

Hello darlings, Assalamualaikum!

So guys, how’s everybody bein’ doing this weekend? I hope everyone experience a happy weekend, like I do (obviously LOL) because I manage to spends precious time bein’ a great Mama Meem to my darling niece, Iris Rumaysa a.k.a Gretchen. My sis moks will always send her to our home so then we can have some bonding love time between Iris Tok Ma and her beautiful Mamas besides her Mum LOL however, having such a great weekend can help me to post some of my pending entries that I still haven’t manage to post because I kinda busy during weekdays due to work. And I’m glad that some of PR still interested with le blog and keep on sending loves thru products and invitation despite my commitment towards work *sobs* Thank you!

Well, when you guys scroll over my blog, yes you’re guessing right! I’mma huge sucker for cute things, so when I got one of amazing opportunity to collaborate with Sassy Malaysia Product, it’s literally one of the best thing happens to me this year!

Oh yeah, if you guys love to drop nearby stationery and bookstore especially MPH Bookstore, this brand will definitely ring the bell. But during my study period (2012-2016), I’mma more into Kinokuniya kind of geek since I’m an OTAKU and totally proud with it! But when it comes to beautiful horror books, Local comics, and stock up stationary for my artworks/doodles, I will always opt with MPH Bookstore and BAM! Sassy product is available in here!  

As you can see the visuals, Yes, Sassy Products is a brand that focus on trendy gift and lifestyle stationeries.  Each of designs just really perfect for every girls due to some factors:- affordability, stylish(like , duh!)  and totally cute-y!

So, the product that I got from Sassy basically each of the best items for each designs, and when I look at all these babies, I favor more on the theme Black and Gold Collection and also that gorgeous Flamingo notebook from Tropical Collection just simply amazing! The main highlight for Sassy is all about emphasize uniqueness, yet keep it simple and suitable for everyone to use. I think, guys equally with girls gonna love these brand, but yeah, it’s your choice aite’?

Some of the designs that I got such as Lemon Collection, Neon Collection, Tropical Collection, Doodle Collection, Perfect Collection and and and! the latest launch theme is Marble Collection. When I see some of design from the catalog given by Sassy PR, it is insanely cute and I cannot believe that I’m not even try to buy any product from Sassy brand when I was studying in IIUM for 4 years. How dumb decision I never make *Pffft* 

BUT! Since I’m working now and sometimes I do have to jot down some crucial information when doin’ minute meeting, so I think Sassy Product really came in handy, oh and also when I attend blog events,  Sometime I tend to write something to include in le blog post. Another great thing about Sassy product is that all the design is really universal and eye-catch for everyone must have! Yes, having such a beautiful notebook can boost our mood to study and I believe can improve our concentration on doodling too (yerp, this happens to me all the time when I attend my previous class. Instead of writing/ understand an important formula for carry marks and final exam, I am proudly doodle the hell out of the book *True story*)

Sassy Product can be obtained via walk in every major big MPH Bookstores, and the latest one, MPH SOGO Kuala Lumpur. However, if you’re having difficulties to find an idea to surprise your love one, worry no more as Sassy Product  can buy it through online as its offer an  ‘Online gift and lifestyle store’ too! What’s more, I got lil surprise for you guys, I will link down below for your references when shop!

For more information, click link below:-


P/S: Yes, do please use my voucher code: SHASHA30 when shop! Hurry up since the code can valid until 9th NOVEMBER 2017! 

Thank you Sassy for the love! #StaySassy #SassyMalaysia ❤️

Lots of love,

Miss A :)