October 8, 2017

All Yay witth L'oreal Pure Clay Mask : Anti Pores | Illuminating | Hydration

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

OMG, this week is my favorite week because I got to spend time with my favorite niece, or yeah I prefer to call her Gretchen since I'mma her Aunt Regina (LOL, Mean Girls alert much!) Yeah, I know Gretchen and Regina supposed to be like BFF, like so fetch. But in my case, I am her aunt. Eew, I hate being express as 'Auntie' eventhough with my own niece, so I prefer to proclaim my self as Mama Meem. Much cuter and I'm her another mum she can goes to talk if she sulk or mad with my sissy Mok. Oh Gretchen, Mama Meem/Aunt Regina will always be here for you laffff ❤️

You guys can follow me on other social medias especially INSTAGRAM since I upload some of my weekly routine regarding about my darling Gretchen/Iris Rumaysa, my everyday makeup routine/MOTD, Foods and of course, some skincare tips too! I'm really honor to help some of my friends that asking a lot about what good skincare for their skin and TBH, I try to help as many as possible for them because I KNOW we all love having flawless skin and I KNOW we all love looking good inside out too. Yes, taking supplements can enhance our appearance from inside, but it does takes time to see the effect. So, my easy peasy advice is try to have flawless skin via outside too. I always abide my skincare steps by having cleanser, serum, Scrub, sunblock and also mask! However, this is my tips and yes, it works wonderfully on my skin. Besides scrubbing, I love applying mask too. Recently I try the new L'oreal Pure Clay mask that emphasize on Anti Pores, Illuminating and Hydration. The result? AMAZE-BALL!

L'oreal have always been my favorite for drugstore cosmetics besides Maybelline and Bourjois Paris especially for their lippies and eyes. Even though it's drugstore brand, but it really does match with International/High-End cosmetics line which gives zero fuck for me to try 'em out! So, when I saw the ads about these babies, I just couldn't resist my self for tryin' out L'oreal Pure Clay masks. When I open the box, the packaging came in very neat and clean condition and it really look hygienic too. 

Each Clay masks provides different benefits. Lemme start with the Anti-Pores, where the clay derives from Moroccan Lava clay with Rosemary extract. The color of the clay is earth green and TBH, I wear this baby first among others because it's related with pores. I mean, hello, everyone struggle with their pores, so am I! Urghh, if you have small pores, you're one of lucky son of bitch, Yes you! *rolled eyes*

Anti-Pores clay mask help soften skin and eliminate dead skin cells/remove blackheads and my favorite part, it does regulate sebum secretion because my skin is between combination to oily skin. So, infused together with Rosemary that also manage to purify skin make it such a good combo. 

Next baby would be Illuminating Pure Clay mask, which this mask mixed with British Kaolin Clay and Lemongrass extract.

As you guys can see, Illuminating is like a mirror reflection ,so it does help your skin to look radiance to max and have that glass-porcelain kind of surface for your skin appearance. Wearing this mask regularly will help the skin to look soft and brighten. This mask got special effect with beads for exfoliation purpose compared to other two. 

Last, but not least, Hydration Pure clay mask!

This mask is another favorite of mine because I love the smooth textures compared to other two due to lemon balm essential oil that helps to hydrate and purify skin tone. The mask derived from Bentonite Clay, that extracted specifically from North America due to Mineral-rich properties. When I apply this baby, my skin doesn't feel any tingling/skin irritation because it helps to balance my skin PH and also provide extra intense hydration. I think this Pure Clay mask is really good for people experience dry skin. Give it a try, you gonna love it!

Swatches for each mask: Anti Pores | Hydration | Illuminating

Overall result, all pure clay mask from L'oreal is the bomb, but my favorite goes to Anti-Pores and Hydration. IDK why I'm not a big fan of Illuminating, but the clay mask is really good too. The only major DRAWBACK I found with these babies is that, the product didn't come with disposable spoon or whatever to scoop the hell out of mask from each bottle. It's really not a good thing if you keep on dig your finger inside every time you apply for hygienic purpose. Okay, I take back what I said earlier about the packaging LOL but I still love all masks!

Some of le selfie of mine during Illuminating and Hydration Clay mask during application LOL (I feel nude without makeup T.T) Each Clay mask have an easy guidelines, basically you just need to apply on your face and leave it dry for 10-30 minutes before wash it off. 

And voila, some of the result selfie of mine after done 'clayin' le face!

After-effect for Anti-Pores Pure Clay mask ❤️ I feel my pores size all reduced and less oily.

After-effect for Hydration Pure Clay mask ❤️ I do feel really fresh and happy with the result!

I did said, some right? LOL excuse with le makeup, but Bear in mind that good skin also require lotsaaa effort. Maskin' is one of it! Yes, you can opt using the face sheet too, totally up to you darling as long as you comfortable with it. 

Based on result, L'oreal Pure Clay Mask is definitely a YAY! you guys can get it at nearest drugstores or by online via LAZADA MALAYSIA, HERMO MALAYSIA, etc and have some fun 'clayin' around, like I do :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)