October 1, 2016

Experience Korea Fair 2016 ❤

Hello, Annyeong, Assalamualaikum dolls! 

Oh My God. OMG. Ommo! This is madness, yes I am writing my current blogpost using my Huawei mobile phone. Fuckin' crazy okay *facepalm* I mean, I never try updating my blog using mobile phone and I really hope it does come out nicely at the end. Just a lil bummer that I didn't managed to put some watermark for my pictures. Sigh. I will update that when I have proper PC next week. But right now, the important part is, I must write this entry with full joy of happiness because Korea wave has finally landed at Hartamas Shopping Centre with bulks of Korean products, foods, accesories, games and definitely Spicy Samyang! 

In the mood of Korean look for that day on first day of Experience Korea fair 2016 ❤ yes, my full face using only Korean product because I'mma sucker for their beauty. I mean, like literally all my makeup are based from Korea. LOL 

With the emcee for the whole week of Experience Korea fair. So, as you can see, the crew invite me to do some media covering about this event. Basically the event inviting lots of people to experience and share Korea culture, connect between shoppers and visitors in conjunction with collaboration between Hartamas Shopping Centre and Mont Kiara residence. Like I previous mentioned, the fair goes from 27th September until 1st October 2016 to emphasize Korea culture, foods, fashion and lifestyle. For people who never try Korean foods, now is the perfect time to go there ❤ 

Like any other events I went, my golden times definitely when acquiring goodies bag. Oh, I went to the event with my sayang ❤ thank you for the understanding towards my passion, sayang ❤ 

Goodies from my view LOL 

The Experience Korea Fair that located in Hartamas Shopping centre is the strategic location for me because I know, mostly in Publika and Mont Kiara area are full with expatriate residences especially from Korea, Japanese, UK and so on. According to Mr Alan, the Centre Manager of this event mainly to appreciate and value their customers. Besides that, the event also inviting VIPs and Media (me, LOL) to spread news about this fair. Some of the VIPs that cordially came and launching the event are YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati binti Samsudin and Mr Adam Leow. Both person are very essential since the first one is Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia and the latter, CEO of Mayland Group. 

After the launching ceremony, all the audiences are been entertained by performers and performes Korean cultural Dance. It is very soothing and beautiful, each of them and they dance very graceful. This definitely shows that Korea is such an unique country that shows their various kind of entertainment from classic to urban type. How cool is that! 

I also take some piccas that will blown you away! All Korean foods are sell here with cheap price ❤ 

During the event, there are some fun activities to indulge with your friends and family by playing their famous game Ttakji and Tuho, traditional cultural dance and also Samyang eating competition! All visitors are welcome to drop by and buy all Korean products that you want. It's totally a chance of lifetime, peeps! 

Come join their fun activites starting from 27th until today! For more information, log on to their Facebook Page. 

FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com/hartamas.sc 

P/S: I'm still learning to update my blog using my mobile. Pretty impressive! Good job, Huawei P8lite ❤ 

Lots of love, 
Miss A :)