October 5, 2016

Dutch Lady 7 Days challenge ❤

Hello, Assalamualaikum lovely peeps! ❤

So what, now I'm starting to love my Huawei P8lite more and more because it helps me to update new entry using my mobile view instead of PC/lappy view. Yes, the screen kinda small but I still manage to control other bugs happen. Eventhough it is small, but damn mighty! Wait, talk about mighty, this is soooo applicable to my next post regarding with small cup a day, helps to fight bad disease in everyday lifestyle. Thumbs up for Dutch Lady, peeps!

Such a milky eye candy to complete 7 days healthy breakfast challenge last 2 weeks with Dutch Lady ❤ thank you for the amazing opportunity DL! 

 When I received this beauty box that full with 2 types of Dutch Lady Milk, which are Full Cream and Low Fat milk, I am really happy because I know milk is one of delicious drinking that suitable for breakfast. I mean, we all know most of breakfast of the day pictures post on Instagram from any famous people including Aaron Aziz, enhancing there's a lot of goodness in one cup of milk. 

I received 2 box of yumminess, and one of it consist of everyone favorite healthy Nasi lemak. Yup, check this baby out! 

When talking about milk, did you guys knows that only 49% of Malaysian children do not get enough calcium and whats shocking is that, below than 50% of Malaysian adult did include calcium on everyday intake? This news is cheesy btw because I know, Malaysia is multicultural country and has diverse foods to choose from like Mihun, Nasi lemak, Kuih, and so on. Of course it is not surprise that Malaysian are dealing with obesity and others unhealthy lifestyle because of imbalance food intake. 

However, by drinking milk, or should I say, Body and soul essential food by Dutch Lady encourages Malaysian families to load up on milk before starting their day. Having at least 200mg of calcium into body  will help children to improve and develop strong healthy bone and teeth. Creamy beverages sure helps to builds strong families.

Every 275mg of calcium per day provides range of essential nutrients such as menganese, phospohorus, Selenium, Calcium, vitamin C,D,A, and B and major defintely protein! 

So, here my 7 days challenges in taking Dutch Lady Milk. Wanna see some creative (LOL, I hope so) and fun breakfast plate decorate by me? Scroll down and click those links ❤ 

Link: http://instagram.com/p/BKkUpEshi-N/

Link: http://instagram.com/p/BKpkapGhpWX/

Link: http://instagram.com/p/BKr9B_Hhllf/

Link: http://instagram.com/p/BKznXxwBPjZ/

Link: http://instagram.com/p/BK12rWFBR78

Link: http://instagram.com/p/BK4kqceh1QQ/

And lastly,

Link: http://instagram.com/p/BLA3g5sBCtq/

All pics can be directly seen on my Instagram. Click the icon of IG for more information. Thank you soo much for Dutch Lady, I feel healthier with glass of milk, everyday after this. Love!

Lots of love, 
Miss A :)