October 31, 2016

Product review: Shizens Eye set (Dramatic Twin Eyebrow & Black Mascara)

Helloo lovely earthlings, Assalamualaikum 

Wow, it's already 1st of November! Any November babies out there? LOL of course there are and I'm pretty sure most of lucky peeps are born either in Nov or Dec. Especially the last siblings. Well, my convo's day is approaching and I got lots to do regarding with eye makeup set. I mean, yup I bought most of my makeup from ALTHEA because my face is totally comfortable with Korea makeup. And, pheww, speaking about Korean makeup, of course eyes play important roles because eyes part will shape and summarize your whole beautiful makeup after look. Lil mess up, is acceptable but if you tends to do lots of mistakes, oh honey you really need to sharpen your makeup skill. LOL

Don't worry. I totally feel ya' because I am still learning to enhance my eyebrows. Since I'm one of lucky girlsss in the world that possessed bushy and untrimmed eyebrow condition, I rely a lot on eyebrow sets when it comes to fun playing time with my face. And believe me, it's work!

Yes, I know I need to learn more. So, excuse my noob-ness, professional MUA LOL 

As you can see, I try to improve as much as I can when it comes to eyebrows part, that is why I totally recommend you guys to get another amazing product from Shizens, which I called as an Eye set!

I received the parcel, like a month ago and I love the packaging  It's so cute with ribbon on top of it and the thank you note really made my day. I got the product courtesy from Butterfly Malaysia X Shizens E-Store. Thank you so much for the opportunity and well, shall we go through deets about Shizens Eye set ;)

During purchasing period, Shizens website offers lots of great deal regarding with their products and I really, really, really want to acquire all of it! However, I already have one bag full with foundation, BB Cream and CC cream from Korea product, I figure it out that I need to choose things that I really need the most. So, I opt with simple eye set that consist of Eyebrows and Mascara. 

So, here is the Dramatic Twin Eyebrow that formulated to long lasting, the color are lightly pigmented and designed with a soft sponge tip & color cartridge which more convenient  and hygiene to use. There are three choices given, which are black and Tawny, Black and Brunette and another one is Black and Cappuccino. As you can see, I chose the one with last option because I never have Cappuccino eyebrow shade before. My personal favorite when shaping eyebrows structure is using fade brown to brownish (from other cosmetic brand I use) , then I color it using Shizens Dramatic Eyebrow. It's really great after you practice lots of time playing with your eyebrow LOL

Cappuccino: Upper, Black: Lower. Well, besides eyebrows, Eyeliner and Eye shadow, you sure don't wanna miss applying Mascara!

Eventhough I have lots of Mascaras, Shizens Mascara consider as one of great one compared to my other Mascaras, but my personal favorite is still from SugarBelle Cosmetics (CLICK HERE

Shizens Mascara helps to volume up your lashes for a natural yet defined look. That is why, it is perfect for casual outings and great companion for decent, appropriate office look. For best result, Shizens Mascara must pair up with Eye Charm which adds lengthening effect. Another fun fact is that, this mascara doesn't need to use makeup remover because it is easy to remove and not smudging your eyes. Perfect for Muslims that need to perform prayer as one of our requirement in Islamic pillars. 

Sure, every great products comes with quite expensive price. Therefore, I got lil suprise for you guys! This is open to my blog and my IG as well, you can use my code RM50 off when you wanna shop in Shizens with minimum purchase of RM200. So, what are you waiting for? Grab now before it's too late! the code available until the end of 30th November.
Shop till you drop, babydolls! Have fun 
Lots of love,
Miss A :)