October 21, 2016

Product review: FAB with FAME Cosmetics ❤

Hello, Assalamualaikum sexy dolls!

Okay time to buckle up your suit of sexiness because one hell of an amazing matte lipsticks has arrive and it it soooo on! Previously, I mention about SugarBelle right (Just scroll down please)? Now moving on with FAME!

Yes, I received the products during the celebration of ALTHEA Korea first celebration birthday, which is also I will review about some of the pretty makeup haul I got when using RM150 free voucher courtesy of ALTHEA ❤ 


My main highlight is the plastic lay next to the pink box of ALTHEA. It's FAME and are you excited to see the colors I got?

Such a cutie casing black box that fit perfectly for each matte lipsticks. Oh, by the way during I received the products, I got combination of new and also old bottle packaging of FAME's cosmetics. Actually I prefer the new one because it looks more sophisticated and does not roll on when you suddenly drop it near floor or maybe on your makeup desk. 

See that? can you guess which one the old and new case? LOL

So here are the 7 colors established by FAME. See, the new case looks much more cooler than the old one LOL whatever but one thing I love about FAME cosmetics is that the consistency of the liquid itself. The products can long lasting up to 6-7 hours (if you're not eating a big, giant double cheeseburger or perhaps GCB T.T) the products itself claims to have scented smells but I think the smells just okay but unbeatable compared to SugarBelle matte lipsticks. 

Each bottle of FAME matte lipsticks is around 5-8 ml (I think, but it's around that range) and here are the colors of FAME from above:- Gossip, Fuschia, Desire, Candy, Nude, Party and Violet. My absolute favorite are all of them, but Violet,Nude and Gossip totally captures my heart. I actually a big fan of these colors the moment I try them on and it does looks good on your lips. Oh, remember to always apply your lip balm before applying soft matte lipsticks/super matte lipsticks to produce a great, sexy pucker lips. 

From their authentic Instagram account, the company launched new products such as FAME BB cushion and also their latest limited edition FAME matte lipsticks, Topaz and Glam which I didn't acquire that one, yet (LOL) FAME is also another Bumiputera products from Malaysia because I know, girls are dying to try new cosmetics that have variety of cosmetics. I think FAME cosmetics will further more success in near future with new products that I can't wait to see. 

Drying twimeee!

Voila! opps, sorry for the Violet part because I accidentally rub my hands due to mosquito bite during that time -.- But I assure you, that colors is amazeball! I rarely use Candy because I look super dead wearing it LOL for fuschia and Party, not very appealing for me and for Desire? If and only if I have courage to apply it during everyday casual routine because Red is sooooo not me LOL 

Well, the price is appropriate for me and I think it's got some standard level as Silkygirl or In2it but not as high as comparable to Maybelline or Revlon. Or Kate! so, that's my honest review for FAME. Maybe I will upload myself wearing FAME matte lipsticks on IG. Do check it out and follow me, peeps!


P/S: Some of MUA Malaysian also recommended and include FAME as their favorite lists when it comes to photo shoot or other special occasion. You sure don't wanna miss the opportunity to grab at least ONE today. I try to update my makeup haul ASAP. Wait up!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)