October 26, 2016

Product review: Eye makeup with Maybelline Blushed Nudes & Maybelline Nudes

Hello, Assalamualaikum dolls!

Yes, less than 2 weeks I will hold my graduation scroll and right now, I'm still in middle of finding jobs that suits me and so far I got none feedback LOL 

But it's okay, If I'm still in middle of finding new job, that gives me ample time to decorate and fill my blog with latest product review and great place to eat! I know IG already snatched that attention because it is more eye-catching plus less reading compared to blog *sigh* but I still love both   I'm excited to write, approximately at 1.37 a.m. in the morning, today because I will attend my special love one convo's day and also meet up with his parents. So far, I think I did pretty well handling with my future MIL and FIL after first meet during Eid Open house in August 2016. In shaa ALLAH  

So, because of that, tomorrow I'm gonna do some great eye makeover using Maybelline Nudes and Blushed eye palettes and I love both! I'm not kidding!

As you guys can see, I still remember when this eye palette came out and Gigi Hadid is their brand ambassador during the commercial at TV's and also her posters everywhere in drugstores to promote these baby. And like always, I got hooked up with the colors and plus the packaging is way cute, especially the pink blushed one!

For a girl who trying to enhance her makeup skills, I know eye makeup is one of the main presentation that need to look perfect because eyes captures many hearts and without proper skills, it can lead to disaster and ruined your overall face look. I believe that these eye palettes has help me to know how to apply eye shadow because each of them provides tips and tricks for expert to noob styles (which is Quads, Trios and Duos) and also guidance what to apply for entire eye areas, follows by shading the lids, contour crease and then last step, line around eye. Each step is reduced one by one according to what level you specialize in. For me, I always go either Duos and Trios because I'm not comfortable enough to apply lots of eye shadow for my eyes, well because mainly I wanna avoid looking like total drag Q LOL 

However, the first thing I always do when applying eye shadow, I will apply eye shadow base to maintain the eye makeup. This is actually to help the makeup looks good and does not grease out easily. I'm using Catrice Eyeshadow base but sometimes, when I overuse my BB/CC cream in eyes area, I can also use that as my eyeshadow base too. Easy right! LOL

The texture is really easy to blend and does not smudge during application. The price is pretty cheap too compared to eye shadow base that you can found in Sephora outlet. So, better choose the most effective and quality, compared to branded and overprice, okay?

Look at those cute colors! Don't you wanna try every colors for your eyes because I do! I love all the colors   Maybelline Blushed Nudes is suitable for casual, romantic kind of day to apply when you wanna spends time with love one. The colors itself is pretty common with love and innocence essence. Here are some of the swatches.

I don't quite remember the names because believe me, they got 12 shades for each eye palette but I will always opt with the one that suits me, especially the one with orang-ish and soft pink kind of eye shadow. Both products long lasting up to almost 24 hours (well, if you're in ABC mood, lucky you!) it's also easy to remove using any kind of eye makeup remover but I definitely recommend you guys to use Maybelline Micellar Water because I effin' love that one! I will review later about that, don't worry  

For next one, Maybelline Nudes is my favorite-must-have eye shadow palette for every beginner who wanna try to have sexy, earthy kind of sense and simple look for every day. I actually using this one more compared to Maybelline Blushed Nudes because this colors is literally shows inner sides of me  

This eye palette is more suitable for me because I love having natural eye look compared to fancy one. But yeah, on special occasion I can have some excuse to look extra great. Besides that, the colors can match from morning until night events. You can always choose what best for your eyes and please, be as neat as possible when applying eyeshadow, girls. Remember, less is more better :)

This is one of example of I'm wearing Maybelline Nudes eye palette.

I matched this look with FAME Cosmetic, Nudes shade (scroll down for FAME Cosmetics entry, will ya  ) during my date with love one. 

I can't wait to try another look using either these two eye palette for tomorrow event. You guys can always check my other makeup look on my IG for fun. Do you think I should go with Natural and simple OR Innocence and warm look? Help me! LOL

You can buy these babies at nearest drugstores, Watsons and Guardian or SASA, totally up to your preference. The price range is quite expensive but I think it's worth it with amazing result after look. Totally dope ass product or Maybe it's Maybelline  

Lots of love,
Miss A :)