October 20, 2016

Product review: SugarBelle cosmetics X Bella Ammara

Assalamualaikum, hello lovely peeps!

FINALLY! my sister hit home after her tough final exam period and now, voila! she's on vacay mood for almost a month and I won't miss this chance to update my blog as soon as possible because I got lotsaaaa pending posts related with cosmetic review and product review to do for on behalf of respective companies. So sorry I abandon my bloggie for almost 2 weeks. Miss me? :P

So, this entry is one of my favorite products I received longgg ago (IKR) and now, they produce and establish latest colors that I'm dying to try for! As you guys know, I'm in love with lipbalms, liptints an also matte lipsticks. I know Matte is everyone favorite and if you love to add up in your cosmetics collection, try these baby on!

Yes, if you happen to notice Bella Ammara muslimah collection that emphasize on abaya, Baju Kurung, exclusive blouses and Telekung, SugarBelle is their next baby besides their amazing Spas that opened at Setapak. But, whatever it is, since I love makeup, so totally my eyes focus on nude collections by SugarBelle. 

I love the exclusive packaging that sticks with black and gold theme, it looks super fine and very elegant. Even their colors of matte are very beautiful and totally match with my preference. These past months, I am trying to look extra good when it comes to makeup skills because I'm planning to apply GIAT MARA regarding with grooming and makeup classes, but that still in middle of progress because I'm also thinking to further my Master. Pheww, what a tough decision to do! Even applying makeup can be hard as shit, zzz

This is their nude range and my favorite part is their sexy and scented smell. All SugarBelle cosmetics smells so good with vanilla-ish and made exclusively/manufactured from Korea. See, all cosmetics are all links together to mother of Asian cosmetics country. Don't you see, how much I freaking love Korean cosmetics! gosh

These are 6 shades of nudes from above : Bombshell, Love Struck, Mocha Dream, Sandstorm, Nude Kisses and lastly, Amber Blush. I love all their colors but my dibs totally goes for Bombshell and Amber Blush. I always do some ombre lips using those colors and it turns so perfect, just the way I want it. You can always check my Instagram because sometimes I post my makeup of the day on several occasion. Or just filling up my boredom and coloring my face with makeup.

Another favorite of mine under SugarBelle cosmetics are ink-tense eyeliner and lengthening mascara. Check it out!

From left is the mascara and next is the eyeliner. Compared to several products I try when it comes to mascara, I think SugarBelle hold the longest one without smudging your makeup. The application is really easy, and I think almost all MUA knows how to apply mascara. I actually never really try the ink-tense eyeliner because I favor more using mascara nowadays. I love my 'lentik' eye and well, if I got some happy mood, I will apply eyeliner. Over betul--'

But SugarBelle mascara consist of 2 coat, one is Mascara and another is fibre brush mascara to enhance the volume of your eyes. If you wanna have simple and casual outing, perhaps apply 1-2 times of mascara is enough. But if its really special occasions or dinner, I think adding the first and second coat is a must. You sure wanna pop out from others, so then all the attention goes to you. say what? LOL

Loving the looks! Yeay

All the prices for each matte lipsticks is RM49-59, depends on the special edition gold cap edition but I think having the normal one is enough and compatible with the price. Lengtening eye mascara is around RM65, whereas for eyeliner is RM59 something. Not very sure because I got the products long ago during my internship period. I think its around 3-4 months LOL 

For more information, click link below for more information. Oh yup, SugarBelle cosmetics is proudly based in Malaysia and I think they can handle oversea purchase too. Make sure you guys buy the original ones, because you don't wanna messed up your precious eyes and lips for cheap one. 


P/S: Check out these babies.

See, I told you I wasn't kidding about my long, longgggg pending makeup haul posts! Wait up for more love! Cheers!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)