January 19, 2017

CURE Water Treatment Cream X SASA Malaysia launch event ♥

Hey lovely peeps, Assalamualaikum :)

   Al-Hamdulillah, this year and also last year is very good year for me in term of family, love, work, travelling around (well, half) of the world and most of it is social events. Thank you so much for putting trust in me and my humble bloggie. I mean, my blog basically cover beauty and my arts at first place. Then I’m drawing to attend social events and cover as part of media in my social accounts.

  The latest one, I got new job to attend Anuar Zain & You concert proudly by Yonder Music Malaysia & Universal Malaysia that stream live from Panggung Anniversary, Lake Garden KL. That one such a huge opportunity for me to received and oh yeah, if you want to purchase Anuar Zain concert ticket, click my INSTAGRAM Icon (link in bio) I’m very honored to accept the invitation as much as I attend CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream event, that launching their second baby beside Aqua Gel in Tous Les Jours,Empire Damansara. I actually never heard about this product because mostly sell in SASA and trust me, I’m not a big fan of SASA but very fond with Watson. I think I should be crown as Watson public figure (if they accept chubby girl like me LOL)

Look at these decoration infused with blue and white that looks like a diamond tear drop. I found it very cute and I think all the foods serve appropriate with the small and casual event. The place itself looks very retro with full of old photos hanging on the floor and sweet aroma scented can be sense when entering the café.

Cure Water Treatment Cream a.k.a WTC is another remarkable skin care product that gently remove dead skin using activated hydrogen water, that can acts as toner and emulsion. What I love about WTC because it is a great solution for people battling with dry skin. As the product originally made in Japan and you know, the country having 4 seasons, so WTC is really good product to try!

The texture of the product is more like a lotion rather than cream. This is actually true because when I apply WTC on my face and my hand, OMG the lotion absorbs directly into the skin without leaving any sticky feeling. When you rub against your skin, the lotion will create water emulsion effect and BAM! You good to go baby!

Water Treatment Cream (WTC) help preventing fine lines and wrinkles, what’s more it leaves your skin supple, firmer and smoother skin. I apply WTC during bedtime because that’s the only way my skin and my face makeup free and breathe freely without problem. Plus, during night I'm rotating whether to apply mask gel, Mask, Lip mask, mosturizer or WTC. It’s depends on my mood though LOL

CURE WTC and Natural Aqua gel (first baby from CURE, act like a peeling gel, but very mild and you feel really smooth after once application) is perfect combination to have as the product claims to be ‘Legendary Product/Monster Product’ in most Asian country. How cool is that!

Since Japanese women mostly emphasize on minimal look for everyday, that is why I believe their netizens skin look really pretty, natural way. So jealous with their skin urghh! How you wanna balance between having natural skin but at same time you love putting makeup on your face? Damn T.T

WTC is coloring, fragrance and non-oil based free. Perfect for everyday usage day and night (which in my opinion, like VERY MUCH!) For more information, click link below:-


Thank you CURE team X SASA Malaysia for having me ♥

Lots of love,
Miss A