January 14, 2017

FAME Cosmetics Limited Edition X Mascara X Eyeliner

Heyya, Assalamualaikum loves!

I just got back from attending VR Events that involve with real life games and it's feel like you're playing inside it too! How cool is that! I will update the event later because I got tonnes of pending post to write and I still haven't finish, even the last years event shoutout. OMG however, you guys can always check my latest review, swatches, and events on my INSTAGRAM because my Instagram is like my second 'nyawa' when it comes to short info regarding with events that I go. Most of times. LOL

But lemme cut to chase, remember when I said that I used to have and try some of FAME Cosmetics >>CLICK HERE<< to read more, but this time, I managed to grab their limited edition Fall's collection 

Yes, all these baby is mine! and I also got their latest products too which are FAME Eyeliner and FAME Mascara. TBH, I'm majorly in love with their Mascara. Is like, the best thing ever that I apply for my eyes. It really does pop out my eyes to look extra sexy and very thick with just only 1 usage. 

FAME such a dope because not only the price is reasonable, but the product itself is really compatible with the price. Since I'mma newbie makeup junkie, I did some swatches on my Insta Story. So wanna see more deets about it?

The packaging itself is already eye catching, it looks expensive and exclusive but actually is not. FAME Eyeliner is really easy to apply because look at how thin the felt tip! If you love wings or cat's eye look, this is really good one!

Yes, all FAME lip liquid is very beautiful, but I listed these 5 as my top favorite when I choose FAME to end the perfect makeup look before I shoot some selfies 236523362981761 times then upload on my IG. I know, lame right LOL

From above to below: Violet,Nude, Gossip, Glam (NEW!), Topaz (NEW!)

Both TOPAZ and GLAM is their Fall's collection because I remember when I stalk FAME's Cosmetics Instagram, all MUA and famous artists chose either these two colors to complete their fall makeup look. Such a bae!

The price for each babies: RM29 (All colors)
RM70 (Limited Edition)
RM29 (FAME Eyeliner)
RM45 (FAME Mascara) 

So, as noob girl who love makeup T.T I did try some of their products too!

P/S: Please don't judge me, I'm improving more and more these days :)

TOPAZ shade X FAME Eyeliner X Fame Mascara 

I can't wait to create another look for GLAM shade. So, whatcha waiting for? grab them now, loves!

FAME Cosmetics >>CLICK HERE<<

Lots of love,
Miss A :)