January 18, 2017

MWM X Micellar Water Madness!

Hello , Assalamualaikum my dears!

I feel really amazing and I can’t wait to go for vacay for another 2 weeks more! Have you guys planning your CNY vacation, yet? LOL So like, I’m totally gonna expect sunburns and tanned skin, like usual when I’m visiting any place that famous with name of Earth Second Paradise (yes, I’m talking about previous vacay in Lombok and next one? Pfftt, like I’m gonna tell you guys!)

Kidding! You can always check and follow my Instagram as I update so much in my second blog of social media. I’m thinking about makeup look that I wanna glam, but I also feel that,

‘Meh, the place condition is quite hot and humid'

I’m gonna go with simple and easy look. Not too much applying foundation, fake eyelashes and dolling up my eye with sexy eye shadow that I got from my love during our surprise anniversary. I will update that baby next time.  

I opt with simple makeup. Because less is better right, mate! Oh, not to mention that less makeup, less nuisance I need to cleanse my face using makeup remover, or IDK, using Micellar water makeup remover!

This entry, for me is very perfect for people who are really lazy to wipe off their makeup after long, tiring day in office or maybe people who love simple makeup. Don’t tell me you guys never heard about Micellar Water! If you visit nearest drugstore, Watson, Sasa and Guardian Micellar water cleanse is like new and hot item to grab. Even I let myself pampered with these babies too!

 Yes, I got different kind of Micellar Water cleanse because that’s show how greedy I am to try! So,you wanna see which one is the best and which one is not? Scroll down for more!

What I love about Micellar cleanse water? Basically the base itself is water and looks at all the pink packaging! So cute, well except the brand from Simple because they wanna show how’Natural’ you look using ‘Natural’ product. But well, I gotta say Simple nailed it this time! I got the water base and also facial cleanse base (which is much more convenience for people to carry around without big puffy cotton every time in their bag)

Before I were exposed with Micellar Water madness, I try Maybelline first and I love it! Yes, previously I have oil based, cream and spray kind of makeup remover but when I try the Maybelline Micellar, it’s completely the best thing ever because the product itself claims smooth, locking your face hydration, Alcohol free and fragrance free which is really did! I totally recommend Maybelline to everyone out there with great price, comes with great benefits. After that, I got Simple products and its feel really good and no sticky feeling left behind.

Compared to Simple and Maybelline, I also try another brand Micellar Water cleanse which are Nivea and  Garnier.

IMHO, all Micellar Water cleanse have same action, same property but its actually not. When I try Nivea, the next day acne or mild rashes spotted instantly. I notice several times but I ignore it because I thought maybe happens because my skin try to adapt new product but it was not. The acne keep on marking my face either in cheeks area or chin and then leave bad spot on my face and takes million times to recover back to normal urgh!

So, I guess Nivea Micellar water cleanse, despite very cheap and pink packaging, maybe some of the ingredients not suitable with my skin. But like I said, different people have different skins. So it’s up to you people to decide. For Garnier brand, I actually tried like couple of times but it seems off. The feeling of freshness and smooth is nowhere good compared to Maybelline. I think these babies put some kind of spell on me to keep on fallin’ in love and buy more from their brand LOL but whatever, I always love Maybelline cosmetics anyway! So yeay to that!

Comparison between the price? I gotta say Garnier and Nivea is really conducive for people aiming cheap item. 
For the product quality? My vote goes to  Maybelline.
 For product attractiveness? Maybelline and Nivea looks really pretty and decent.
For convenience? Simple is the better choice (because the product comes with face wipe) or Garnier ( but not for me lah LOL)

You guys can get your favorite Micellar Water cleanse now via online shop or Physical store. Your choice, baby!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)