January 12, 2017

KLARA Cosmetics Grand Opening launch ♥

Assalamualaikum, hello my dolls!

This coming entry is definitely one of my new favorite makeup brands in list! As you guys know, that this year, YES. The year of 2017 is all about improving my passion towards makeup and enhances my skill from beginner to immediate makeup junkie. I can’t exactly confirm that I’m good at makeup because there’s a lot of time to learn every new application. So basically I’m still in beginner stage and I can’t wait to excel perfectly in any makeup look. Pray for me LOL *tetiba*

You guys ever heard about KLARA Cosmetics? Okay, frankly speak, even I myself never heard of that brand because I’m blinded with major common cosmetics brands in Watsons such as Maybelline, Lo’real, Kate, Revlon and so much more! So, of course KLARA is soo freakin’ blank when I heard for first time. But that’s all about to change because this baby, proudly made In Australia, Vegan & Animal cruelty free and also all the colors are to die for now available in One Utama, New wing (opposite to Dorothy Perkins Shoplot)

KLARA Cosmetics is definitely worth to try because I believe, any products that Vegan, less chemical you will apply on your face because let’s face it, everyone love having beautiful and acne-free face when applying makeup. So do I! That’s why I know KLARA Cosmetics will become one of hot item makeup you don’t wanna miss it!

Actually, KLARA Cosmetics grand lauching is on 15th and 16th of December 2016 and pretty sad because I couldn’t meet with the owner of the product and also some of the beautiful shades that display will only available next year, 2017 (which is now and yes, some of the colors I saw from KLARA official IG sooo sexy I wanna buy all T.T) 

But I’m really happy because KLARA been such a doll for giving all lucky 100 to get their KLARA Matte lipstick for free! How cool is that, mate!

Take a look at these glow babies! 

Can you just not being so tempting, KLARA Urghhh!

Shut up and take my money now, I’m begging LOL

I also got some eye makeup makeover during KLARA Cosmetics opening for second day and their free coupon RM10 off. Thank you for dolling me up  ♥

Swatches for KLARA goodies!

This one is my absolute favorite because it's really suit with my skin, lightweight, and leave no oily appearance after 6-8 hours usage! The price is affordable and I think this best use as primer before heavy foundation. Or maybe you can just wear this all day long without foundation because it does cover your small pimples and redness within 3-4 pumps.

I can’t wait to shop their limited edition Eye shadows palette consists of Coachella, Burning Man and Desert Rose because during my first visit, All Eye shadows collection sold like hot cakes! Every single pieces finish in second. So that’s why, I need to acquire at least one of the Limited Edition especially Coachella because all the colors is so beautiful. What’s more, Each palette packaged in limited edition silver packaging with pressed powder eye shadow infused with diamond bling bling! KLARA Cosmetics will available online this 20th January and I know it’s gonna be huge with lots of discounts for all KLARA Barbie! 

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Till then, dolls!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)