July 18, 2017

B & L X Yummy much?

Hello lovelies, Assalamualaikum ❤️

Okay, since today I got several invitation for the media events and sadly I'm not available to go to any due to work. Talk about major disappointment but what can I say, it's called entering into adult world and you have to stop being quite sensitive and feel 'awed' when you can't get whatever you want. But...... I still felt 'awed' because most of the highlight of any events, GOODIES is the best thing! I love getting new stuff, LOL who doesn't? 

Whatever it is, I would really feel glad and happy because my main man managed to replace some of the events that I can't go, thus he's maintaining my image as Beauty/Lifestyle/Food blogger. How kewl is my sayang is ❤️ LOL so, as an appreciation post, this entry is written to celebrate...wait no actually is not anything special but it is very yummy entry to include because I finally dig in Burger & Lobster, located in Genting Highland Malaysia!

Even the preparation to eat B & L is quite happening with unique 'crab' tool and funny doodles on the Apron provided. Wanna see the menu?

Oh yes please!

The menu is straight forward and you can easily understand. Each burgers come with 3 different servings, 3 Lobster rolls and applies as well for the Wild Lobster. When I go and eat there with my sayang ❤️, We saw lotsaaa lobsters are put inside the big Aquarium tank and all lobsters are placed at  different tank, following their weight and species. That day, I simply wandering around and look up for the most big and expensive Wild lobster weighted ???? KG but the price is RM2K and perfect for family dining. Uuuh

B & L definitely promote good business in Genting Highland because as you can see on the menu, There are prices that divided between members & non-members. So of course, the member will get exclusive benefits and you can sign up for membership for FREE for lifetime. If only my house and Genting Highland is not that far, I can definitely eat there, like many times. I love the cozy, dark ambiance with lil romantic lighting to lift up the mood and all the good experience with the chef/waiter too ❤️

So here the drinks. Nothing fancy, I should say LOL

So VOILA! here the deep shit I'm talking about! So fancy, don't you think? 

As you guys can see, we ordered 1 menu consist of wild lobster and another is B & L Charcoal burger. Each order came with side dishes too and I just freaking in love with the lobster. My sayang ❤️ took the Original one with butter sauce for top. I'm not gonna lie, I am much more liking his dish compared to mine. My charcoal burger only smashed together with just OK beef patty and just OK my thumb size for lobster filling. How not kewll is that -.-

Yeah, I know you love your food. Whatever -.-

and there me, awkwarddd!

So guys, if you want to try and experience eating the first outlet of Burger & Lobster in Genting Highland, Malaysia? well now it's your turn! And I begging you, please please pretty please try the LOBSTER, not the BURGER. Next time, I will definitely order that. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)