July 29, 2017

PinkBoxCereal X Hermosa by Belinda

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum (:

TBH, being one of another beauty blogger/rising social media influencer (hopefully LOL) is literally one of the best thing ever because you get like, lotsaa goodies and you can try it on and at the same time, you help some of the local Small/Medium business/Online to acknowledge people out there about their product. I mean, yes, the basic of having a very good business development, definitely a powerful marketing. So, as their lab rat, newbie user, I got to experience first and give my thought about it. Speaking about this, I'm thinking of creating new youtube account where I can mumble about Goodies unboxing/ life updates/ makeup tutorial (because what's the better way to get more exposure and gain famous at same time??!!) but I have the most lousy video cam ever -.- I think I need to save some money to buy new cam. I mean, I really don't wanna use my Iphone video because its look soo not professional. So yeah, a good camera comes with very good price tag too. After all, a great quality pictures gives good impression towards the eyes who see it. Aite'?

LOL, I got this baby like 2-3 weeks ago and I feel really honor that the founder of PinkBoxCereal, dearest Shaf and also one of the brand that quite famous on her website, HERMOSA gives me an opportunity to try and experience to have my own personal Limited Edition GoalDigger box and and and and! A full combo set of HERMOSA Beauty Kit that complete with their best items, which are Cleansing Water, Glow Serum 24K and Signature Lip creme!

Shall we dig further? Yes, we shall!

According to the website, HERMOSA Signature Lip creme is infused with Vitamin E and Collagen that helps to enhance hydration and create long lasting effects. The smell is quite OKAY for me, nothing fancy to brag about and it comes with 5 shades. I got the shade named Red Revival. So here some swatches and lips proof.

First swatch applying HERMOSA Signature, Red Revival. TBH, I thought the colors gonna be like a very full coverage and thick blood red kind of vibe, but turns out its more like a very deep pink fuschia once you apply on your lips. IDK about others, maybe the result can be different on everyone lips but this is mine, and this is my blog so yeah, of course I'm gonna talk about me LOL

Second swatches and yeah, HELLO RED! Finally it looks kinda red and does implement the named of the shade. Even in the picture looks like I'm applying red lippy, but when I'm camera-free, the color is different and does gives deep pink fuschia look. The product claims to be long lasting, Smudge proof and Matte finishing, but I found it opposite than what they're claiming about. When I apply the first layer of the lip creme, it does brush off easily after I wait for several minutes (around 5-10 minutes, matte usually take about 1-3 minutes to fully cover the lips, based on my experience wearing any lip matte) So not quite sure about the matte info...ermmm K

I also got the Glow Serum 24K, one of the product collection from HERMOSA. This baby help to prevent acne and glow your face after some times. I never try this one before as currently I'm using Bio-Essence 24K Gold Water as my holy grail. I feel really incomplete without that LOL over-reacting much -.- 

When I apply on my hand, it doesn't feel sticky at all as the product is liquid and easily absorb, so yes to that! Oh, I just love the color of the serum, its all pink (: but the packaging looks kinda OKAY to me because I've seen lots of serum that have similar bottle/packaging like that, so no surprise there. Last product that I got is,

HERMOSA Cleansing Water. I really like this one because it is one of the product that I got when I first attend Pink Box Cereal Housewarming party and it is really cute too! HERMOSA is a good product overall,for a local brand that keep on blooming and improve much better in future, in Malaysia, In shaa ALLAH. So thumbs up!

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Lots of love,
Miss A :)