July 27, 2017

LINOLA to the rescue!

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

This entry is all about LINOLA, new upcoming products that just arrived in Malaysia, originated from Germany. For my babes out there who suffer incredible dry, sensitive and rough skin, this is for you! Scroll down for more info.

Beginning this month, Malaysians will meet a brand new super hero that will be rescuing troubled skins nationwide. LINOLA is a well-loved pharmaceutical skincare range developed by Dr. August Wolff in Germany since 1957 and has continually gone through countless research and development exercises over the decades. Today, it is the No.1 preferred medical skin care by paediatricians in Germany. 

Named after its key ingredient, Linoleic acid, which boosts amazing protective, regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, LINOLA is not just another run-of-the-mill range of products made for dry skin. Wholly formulated and produced in Germany.

LINOLA is heaven-sent for chronic and acute atopic eczema sufferers, as it not only helps with the healing but also with soothing the itchiness and inflammation that comes with the condition. It can also help to improve specific skin problems such as dry, itchy scalp, psoriasis and chafing.

LINOLA Lotion,the hero of LINOLA Brand range, formulated with essential linoleic acids is developed especially for all forms of dry and stressed skin. It contains linoleic acid rich vegetable oil and is free from harmful mineral oils and silicones. This Lotion is most suitable for very dry skin as well as eczema sufferers. Its No.1 standing in Germany under the best supportive medical care category for all types of dry skin for two years consecutively (2012 and 2013) is a testimony of the product's efficacy.  

TBH, the time of interview/sharing session kinda messed up since I couldn't show up by myself, so I had my sayang to cover for me. Thank you sayang for everything, so as a gift, I will give to him some of the goodies he got from the session. LOL I actually don't mind with others, but I just love the figurine and LINOLA lotion. It is simply the best and non-sticky at all!

Linola products will be available this month exclusively at all Caring pharmacies nationwide. So great news for all Malaysians who having trouble finding and wasting time for the perfect health care because now it's magically appear in front of you. Yeay!

 The products that will be available and their selling prices are listed below:

•       Linola Lotion (200ml) – RM79

This one is my favorite! No doubt it is No.1 best-selling in Germany, it really does gives just enough moisture for everyday long wear.

•       Linola Shower and Wash (300ml) – RM69

•       Linola Hand Lotion (75ml) – RM35

The first three Items are the goodies I got, so IDK about others LINOLA's range, but it must be really good like the three above :)

•       Linola Foot Lotion (100ml) – RM55

Of course, every pair need to match with each other. Hand and foot much? LOL

•       Linola Protective Balm (50ml) – RM55

I'm DEFINITELY gonna get this, soon! It's perfect for your intimate area, plus it is mineral oil and silicone free.

•       Linola Forte Shampoo (200ml) – RM69

•       Linola Sun Lotion SPF50 (100ml) – RM79

Not a huge fan of applying sunblock, but desperate times calls for desperate protection. Thank god I'm such a 'Puteri Lilin' or else I get sweaty and all flushed red over my face/body. ZZZ

 •       Linola Face (50ml) – RM69

The only problem I found from these health range is the product packaging is super boringgg and looks kinda dull. But overall, the ingredients and benefits will help to lower down the cons. 

stay tuned for more! 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)