July 17, 2017

DC Comics Superheroes ❤️

Hello, Hi, Assalamualaikum loves :)

Since I am extremely sleepy due to overload working and re-watch 'Totally Spies' marathon since last Saturday (FML) so this entry gonna be quick and yummy, just like my title and wait! if you happen to be one of DC Comics die hard fan, yes this amazing yet extremely unique cafe is perfect for you. Oh yeah, also Insta-worth it LOL

My sayang ❤️ and I love to explore new foods but like any other guy, (IDK whether it is me or not) my sayang love to eat foods related with kinda 'Kampung-ish' style but I'm not really into that since he's partnering with me thru thick and thin, so he need to obey my desire sometimes, even the extreme demand too LOL Thanks sayang ❤️ so yeah, eating in DC Comics cafe is my kind of place even though I'm such a sucker for Marvel series. Who da fuck doesn't love Iron Man????

Since I'm such a sucker for not taking pictures regarding with the DC Comics place (FML Again), so yeah I'm displaying some of the menus and all the food decorations really cool! I really hope you guys didn't drool and lick your lappy screen because it's gross. Eww staphh it!

Can you guess which is mine? I slurp the blue Elixir whereas my sayang ❤️ the other one. And surprisingly weird, I love his choice compared to mine. I think because girls need to support and empowered each other, so yeah Wonder Woman Crush Strawberry Mojito is the perfect drink to cool up your hot date. 

We also ordered Oswald Creamy carbonara because I love cheese and OMG! this one is a catch if you guys wanna drop by DC Comics. It is, without a doubt, one of amazing Carbonara I've tasted! And the price? will reveal down below, scroll down for amazing food feast, love!

I'm not a big fan of DC, but I always love any Rich guy character, so yeah you can predict I ordered which one LOL

Yeay, finally I tried charcoal hamburger with very fancy side orders. I mean, look at that fresh coleslaw, juicy patty and very delicious fries too! I mean, you literally couldn't find any flaws based on the presentation, the taste, the price urghh is just too perfect!

For anyone trying to eat at this cafe, please try their Sunway Putra Outlet because they serve only the best to their customers. I love their polite waiter/waitress who kindly attend to their customer needs and explain which one is the best for beginner to try and fall in love in first bite. So, thumbs up!

For me, the price is really affordable, it's the standard proper pricing just like when you guys eating at Chillies, Red Lobsters, The Fish Manhattan and etc. DC Comics Cafe? Ruled!


P/S: Another delicious food entry coming up soon. Stay tuned :)

P/S again: I'm not a gold digger, I just happen to love any character that is rich because OMG just lookin' at the wardrobe that have 8341392573212 kind of clothes, uhh major turn on ❤️

Lots of love,
Miss A :)