November 1, 2016

Switch and Save Watsons campaign!

Hello lovely people!

Wow, this is another great event launch during October when one of my favorite stores, Watsons keep on providing more information and good deals about their products and this time, some of famous artists is also came and support the event. 

Yes, I was invited to the event that held in Paradigm Mall and I heard the feedback is really amazing. I think because the appearance of some major famous actress such as Fasha Sandha and lovely talented super model, Amber Chia (I fucking' adore her  ) are there! LOL what this event about?

According to Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Watsons Malaysia, “Watsons is a major player in the health and beauty retail. In Asia alone, we managed to sell more than 352 million Watsons Brand products in 2015. We want our customers to be sure of the quality of Watsons Brand, hence with the support of our celebrity friends we came up with this campaign to switch for great quality and save.” 

At the media launch, guests and members of the media went through the Switch Test session whereby they make comparison between Watsons Brand products and other brands without knowing the name of the brands. This session was to encourage and educate guests and members of the media that the Watsons Brand products were equally good in quality but came with better in value for money. 

Some of the artists also shared their thoughts regarding with the Switch and Save main event.

Top Malaysian actress, Fasha Sandha said, “Many associate me with my hectic lifestyle of being an actress, a mother and an entrepreneur. But I also ensure that I give myself and my family the best when it comes to personal care items and I’m happy to say that Watsons Brand products do provide this satisfaction to my family.”

Top model and entrepreneur, Amber Chia also shared, “Just like Fasha herself, I also want to give the very best for my family especially when it comes to household items. The product range from Watsons Brand are many and suitable for all and just recently after recovering from dengue, I quickly stocked up my home with Watsons mosquito repellant just to be safe.” 

According to Arja Lee, one of rising actor that famous in Malay Drama on TV3 (I don't quite remember the title because I'm not a fan of him, but he's super hot LOL) mentioned during the chit chat session at the media launch that,

“Acting is one responsibility just like personal care which is also a responsibility to you. And I take this into my daily routine as a must to ensure I have a healthy body and mind with quality products like the Watsons brand" 

Next, Singing duo, Fuying and Sam also agreed, “Having to sing and also host at the same time, requires us to stick to a regime that is good for our body needs. Our appearance is important because as a public figure, we need to always look good in front on and off camera. And to do so you will need quality products to enhance your bodily need including healthcare and this is what Watsons Brand can give with a better in value.” 

The Watsons celebrity friends later on shared the stage with members of the media for the Switch Test session to further engage with all guests. The session was informative and engaging for everyone as it proved that Watsons Brand products were compatible in quality with other brands in the market, but with the better value. The Watsons celebrity friends were later joined by Caryn and Danny for a group photo. Guests and members of the media were later treated to a live unplugged performance from Fuying and Sam which include their hits from their album.

In conjunction with the Switch and Save campaign with Watsons Brand, Watsons VIP members, bloggers and customers can look forward for attractive promotion in store nationwide and Online at their official site and Facebook page.


P/S: More upcoming event next. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)