November 12, 2016

My convocation day 2016

Hello, hi dolls! Assalamualaikum everyone 

I know, right now is like 3 in morning and I still didn't sleep due to heavy supper I ate LOL So, I'm thinking, hey! why not blabbering about my convo day :) I mean, it is one of biggest event/memory that only can experience once in lifetime. Convocation day is another happiness and bittersweet feelings when it comes to you. I actually, cry during singing the song for IIUM. When I saw all those words on big screen, my tears fall out. I realize, 

"Man, it's already been 4 years I'm in IIUM and today is the last day I step my foot here :("

Can you imagine those feelings? All hardwork, happiness, all the late assignments, stay up during nights because you wanna watch Korean Drama, eating Ayam Penyet from Mahallah Safiyyah  like all the times LOL I still remember I made some great impression towards my lecturers and some are not. I remember Madam I (just initial, keep it private) mad at me in her room due to my childish behavior. Some of the great memories like making and maintain current girlfriends, misunderstanding and cry, and argue due to stupid things ever (Big LOL here) night outing with my girls and scandal, sleepovers party with Dominos, attend some of running events, Meet and make new friends with foreigner (or should I say, even the foreigner used to have crush on me, but I don't err) Working as part-timer in The Grill, totally clueless about makeup and hello eye bag and acnes  back then and more T.T Oh gosh, all those experiences, I'm gonna miss it. Big time. 

Some of pre-convo piccas with my girlfriend. Actually, we take lots of selfies, great shot with different background but I think I'm gonna cry while uploading all these photos. It feels sad because now you think, you already 24 and less than 2 months, you're 25. And still fat (that's affirmative, but maybe I can change that. LOL same new year resolution for every years T.T)

Each Kuliyyahs have different colors for the ties (is it what they call? ) and since I'm from Economics, so mine were yellow. I think it's pretty cool when the actual convo pic coming out. During the night of my convo, I slept less than 5 hours because I feel sad and happy at same time, thus the feelings bother my sleeping time. Pfft

See, IIUM logo is the main highlight. Totally stand above and shines brighter than my highlighter for makeup LOL I'm in session 3, for morning. All gradutes students need to be in CAC Hall before 7.45. But, classic Aimi Nursyameem, I got there pretty late but still manage to catch up.

Invitation card for my mother. During convo's session, my lil sissy nyek and mama enter inside hall compared to my brother because like every other convocation day, you got pretty boring and sleepy after your son/daughter name already announced and since I'm in front row, my name been called up quite early. I remember, I got onto stage around 9.20 something LOL

The book that fill with all graduates name. I spotted mine! 

My view that day. everyone so eager and feels nervous to received their scrolls on stage, and so do I. 

Preps before my name been called up. And after 10 minutes, 

Al-Hamdulillah, 6th November 2016, I'm officially degree holder of Bachelor Business Administration (Islamic Banking and Finance Hons)  

My favorite of convo's day is definitely receiving lots of flowers, chocolates and congratulations words from my family, my friends, my future (MIL, in shaa ALLAH) and my sayang  thank you for the amazing gifts! I'M really honored and touched with all these amazing things that happen during my convo's day. I'm 24 and almost reaching the toughest time of my life, finding jobs! LOL Oh btw, my outfits is non-other than my favorite Ratu Kurong by Marredz Couture, in Maroon. I can't believe I still can fit the size like I previously bought the first one in black! Pheww

And last but not least, of course my family came and support me. I already wrote what I want for my convo's day on my Instagram. I am really wish my papa is there to watch me and congratulate me personally. Being able to touch his hand and hug him will be the greatest thing that I won't trade anything in the world. This scroll, this title is just for you, papa  I made it. I survive IIUM!

Well, it's not considered as graduates student if you're not having this shot :P

Al-Hamdulillah again! Thank you IIUM. I try not to screw up after I finish my business here with this magnificent, amazing Islamic Education Institute. In shaa ALLAH, I will implement what I acquire, I learn, anything either good and bad to the most appropriate usage as maximum as possible! 

Well, besides my convo's day, I also attend my sayang's too  He's actually graduate week earlier than me, so yeah whatever.

My sayang  ❤ Congratulation for your hardwork and dedication to finish your study in UiTM LOL I really hope you excel and becoming a good person, good son to your family, good guy for me and always obey your mum. I am really proud with you, my love 

Selfies for both graduates students! Yeay for us 

Another amazing news is that, this monday, 11th November 2016, I will start working at YKS Media Group and I actually can't believe that I got the job offer after 10 minutes of been interview by Mr Zen and Charony. I will try my best and focus to work there, in shaa ALLAH, ameen!

Al-Hamdulillah. May ALLAH bless my family, my life, my sayang  and his family too :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)