November 9, 2016

Product review: Safi Shayla Flexi pack

Hello, Assalamualaikum doll faces!

So, I heard Donald Trump won the US Election and yup, totally a doomsday for America and the citizens including the minority (Muslims, Black American, Kids, Immigrants) I really hope everything gonna be okay. I know, it's a very, shocking and disturbed day for all around the world when received the news. Hmm

Well, back to main topic, Have you ever heard about Safi Shayla? Yes, if you're Malaysian, you know what brand I'm talking about. SAFI products basically focus on skincare that really famous and well known during my adolescent time, but I didn't use it because it's irritates my skin. Well, even now! LOL so I know, Safi is not really bff with my skin, however their latest products, Safi Shayla is da bomb! on top of that, it is one of innovative way from UNZA to promote hair care for hijabians since Malaysia is one of Islamic modern country and lots of people wearing Hijab. How cool is that 

Safi Shayla is recommended for all Malaysian who loves having nice and cool hair even when you'are wearing hijab. When I first bought my Safi Shayla, I bought 'Licin Terurus' and also 'Anti-Kelemumur' original bottle. Safi Shayla were produce the original bottle worth 320 ML for each. Yes, the price and size is appropriate for one month usage. When I got my Safi Shayla Flexi pack with free Sugarscarf shawl (thank you, btw ❤), I'm totally excited because the flexi packs have more volume and covers all types of hairs (frizzy, Scalp problem, Black and shiny, damaged hair, fresh and fun hair and more!)

According to UNZA, Safi Shayla Flexi pack is an innovative product because it is easy to refill and eco-friendly pack because flexi pack only use less than 65% plastic compared to bottle, and then it's have extra 480 grams more. Moreover, it's a perfect companion when you travelling because you can just dump it after finish using the shampoo. Unfortunately, for now, the company only produce flexi pack for shampoo. I would really love it if they can make one for hair conditioner too!

For now, I love the pink and blue bottle(the one with flexi pack) because it suits my hair really well. For the green and teal bottle, I haven't try it yet. All shampoo gives pleasant scents and since the product is specifically for Muslims, most of ingredients use is Habbatus Sauda (black seed) and Argan oil. You guys can google more about the benefits of black seed, it is widely use in Arabic country in foods, cosmetics, and health. 

All the packaging looks very neat and suitable for every girls. Good choice, Safi team!

It is not a complete hair care set without shampoo and conditioner. I am madly in love with the purple one because it's really help my hair smells really good and the fragrance last almost 3-5 days. How awesome is Safi product is! Besides the purple one (the one full with 2X Habbatus Sauda and Multivitamins) Safi and UNZA came out two more which is the blue one( perfect for people having scalp problem) and another one is light blue, which produce cooling effect after use but I'm not liking the last option because the smells kinda mehh LOL hey, it's my hair, of course I wanna smells good! because having hair bad day = hello moody and cranky mood -.-

Hey, do you know about their latest contest? If you win, you can enjoy and go to Boracay Island, Philippine!

Anyone wanna try and feels for yourself, click below!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)