November 10, 2016

So much ❤ with ENCHANTEUR Paris

Hello, good days lovelies!

What a great day today because I happen to attend some of the events that is totally loud and introducing latest product, not to mention I got incoming interview for tomorrow (again) with different position. Yup, due to economics these day, you really can't be too choosy when it comes to work regardless you're freshies or senior level. Every jobs is matter right now. Money is everything, am I right T__T

So, guys!

tell me what's your favorite when it comes to fragrance? do you prefer the cheap or expensive one? Well, if you're asking me (duhh, obviously since I'm the one writing le blog) Where can I find the perfect combination of Exclusive + affordable + really great deal for every ladies? Enchanteur Paris cover it all 

Yes, these babies are taken from my Instagram and that's why the resolution got lil bit warmth and sweet kind of look LOL Most of my events updates, I upload on my IG for fast spreadable info I got when I attend any events. Just the blog part takes time because I gotta find time to write and explain more details regarding with the products I received. Thank you, Enchanteur Paris for the amazing gift 

When I got Enchanteur Paris Parcel, I feel touched and happy because Enchanteur is one hell of amazing products that basically originated from non other than a romantic country of Le Eiffle tower, French inspired fine fragrance EDT range and also infused with similar fine fragrances to provide women with a complete top to toe all day freshness. What I know these brand, they have 4 kinds of product range which are Roll-on deodorant, Perfume lotion, Body spray mist and also perfume. I'm definitely hooked with all the scents that embodied each of different personality that suits all women preferences.

So, let's start shall we?

 So here are the famous Enchanteur Paris perfumes and I also got the limited Edition, or should I say 2015 most favorite perfume brand by CLEO Magazine, Lady Magique! The teal color perfume got very nice smell, like literally so good and different compared to other three. I think maybe that's the reason why is it limited and can only get for specific time. Well, that totally true because when I look over drugstores (Watsons, Sasa, Guardian) at nearest mall, the item always sold out, like really fast! So, I'm glad I'm having this baby around.

Enchanteur Paris product range got 4 different names, which are Belle Amour (MY ABSOLUTE FAV) Mon Amie, Adore, and Magique. Enough with the perfume, let's explore others!

For every Perfume body lotion, it comes with the big bottle and tube depends on any occasional and fit with your bag. I received the tube type whereas, the small lotion/travel size is a free gift when you buy Enchanteur Paris Perfume. 

Since I haven't finish using the tube, I didn't open this one because I feel like I need to save Belle Amour compared to others LOL Well, yeah Adore got beautiful scents too, but I just loving Belle Amour lil bit more. The smells really suits my mood, plus it's feel romantic and give extra whitening effect when apply it onto my skin. Oh, did I mention Belle Amour have Sakura extract, Licorice extract, and Vitamin C? Awesome!

Enchanteur Belle Amour indicates as :- 

"connotes the blossoming of love and romance. It is a scent that is meant to make you his love forever. It's also claims to provides instant and long term radiant fairness from 3 whitening agents ( just like I mention above)  "

Swatches time between Belle Amour and Mon Amie. Mon Amie is perfect for person who undergo sun exposure for too long compared to Belle Amour and Adore. Furthermore, both lotion doesn't feel sticky and easily absorbed to skins. 

According to Enchanteur, Mon Amie describe as:-

sheer happiness, a scent that perks up your day and best suited for casual outings with friends. A light and refreshing scent of Mon Amie is beautifully infused to match the offers Double Moisture Parfum Serum with Ultra Hyaluronic Hydration & Olive Oil "

I got Mon Amie Roll-on deodorant, which is kinda okay because I'm more into body mist or spray kind compared to roll on, but it's okay to give a try. This deodorant offers 24 hours protection against body odor for total confidence all day long.

Enchanteur Paris body mist from Belle Amour and Adore is such a cutie, however for now I only use Belle Amour, then maybe I can try Adore later. I really curious what kind of feelings when I spray Adore all over my body. Is it feels all Adore-ry or Ad-Dork :P JK 

Enchanteur Paris says about Adore as:- 

combination of floral and fruity scents evokes a sense of nostalgic magic of lasting impression relived every day. In attaining the confidence, having healthy skin which is our first line of defense against germs, UV rays and pollutants is of utmost importance. Besides that, Adore Mist release a refreshing burst of captivation "

I love tube perfume kind from Enchanteur because I can simply apply on my hands wherever I want to go. Actually, I kinda use it a lot before interview sessions before and now. The smells really captivates and help me to feel calm. Yes, you kinda have butterfly in your stomach when you feel nervous but Belle Amour really helps me. For Mon Amie tube perfume, it provides 24 hours moisture, is free of alcohol, oil, paraben, MIT and triclosan to ensure beautiful long lasting moisture and soft skin. Besides that, the sunscreen agent found in the lotion protects the skin from sunburn by reflecting the UV ray from the skin. As for Aloe Vera, it helps to repair, rejuvenate and soothe skin. This lotion also consists of Portulaca and liquorice extract that soothing and lightens and evens the skin tone. Whereas, for Belle Amour, the combined benefits of the 3 whitening ingredients help provide 5x instant fairness and able to maintain beautiful, fair skin tone but also uplift your overall beauty with the scent of Belle Amour itself. 

All Enchanteur perfume collection is available in 85 ml and 100 ml tube respectively for ease of carrying around on outings to protect skin while ensuring it stays enchanting and smelling captivating. The tube retails from RM7.50 to RM7.90 (85 ml / 100 ml) whereas the bottle retails at RM16.95 to RM18.00 (275 ml / 300 ml). For underarm care, Antiperspirant Deodorant retails at RM8.70 per 50ml bottle while the Deo Mist retails at RM10.10 for the 100 ml spray can. Most of the products is available at major hypermarket, supermarkets and pharmacies. Go check it out, loves!

For more information, log on to their Facebook and Official website.


P/S: I need to sleep now, gotta feel all ready for tomorrow interview. Oh yup, I didn't leave my Belle Amour for tomorrow. Gotta keep it easy and smooth, in shaa Allah.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)