November 13, 2016

PinkBoxCereal Housewarming Party!

Hello lovely dolls! Assalamualaikum.

I just returned from IIUM after done with photoshoot with Zaza (eventhough hujan like cats and dog -.-) but we managed to captures some of beautiful shots located in KAED. Darn it, I wish we can take some pic from my Kuliyyah but Zaza said 'KAED much more nicer and beautiful, your Kuliyyah kinda old and lame" K

Well, enough with today craps, I wanna blog about yesterday party that involve with pink, makeup and of course, free mani sesh, goodies and foods! So, if you guys happen to access PinkBoxCereal Instagram, basically the owner 'Syafiqah', is one of makeup junkie and guru in Malaysia that held the party and famously known with her glow/fresh/gorgeous makeup for her students by her beauty workshop and also her pink beauty kit. Even I, myself saw her for the first time, I felt really nervous and amaze with her makeup skill and not to mention, her face is damn flawless!

Hello, sexy!

I am literally dying to get this LED lamp for makeup table. It does give sexy and classy vibe when I enter into one of room that basically specific for free and easy makeup session for every one yesterday. So awesome! Oh, one thing I love about is the free manicure done by RingRing Spa and their owner super cute and friendly too!

All products and vendors associates with yesterday party will be included below. Don't worry guys! 

So, right now is makeup time!

During the party, I didn't exactly removed my makeup because I already makeup ready before going there, so basically I just look all over beautiful ladies who trying all the makeup for free. 

There are plenty of makeup brand that domestically and internationally known, but some of the products that made proudly in Malaysia also got some standard and almost match with the international product. In PinkBoxCereal,  Syafiqah not only provide beauty workshop for her students, but also selling her personal favorite products that she thinks is good for every Asian skin. Regardless you're fair or you're not. Everyone is beautiful and must embrace their originality. She also explaining some of the cool tips and trick for makeup but I just nodded politely and trying to  understand her words without been distracted with her flawless face. And damn! her highlighter on her face is literally everything! If I apply highlighter, I look like I pour cooking oil all over my face. And that ain't pretty -.-

For the foods, yesterday I only ate 2 brownies slice because I'm more fascinate with her products that she sold on ShopPink beauty kit. Wanna check out?

Auwww, the cute pink pouch such a cutie! most of her products are anti-acne toner, peeling gel and le famous, Hyaluronic Acid. But the best sellers that most of people buy from her ShopPink beauty kit is the premium one, where it include Bee Venom, Hermosa cleansing water and Hyaluronic water gel that cost around RM160. However for yesterday, all the products are 10%, so of course I don't wanna miss this opportunity to grab new baby for my makeup collection. LOL

This is my favorite section compared to others. Yes, the others display some of amazing products from local brand such as OhYesSyamila, Crasa, Hermosa, Hope Girl, Oh Most wanted, Celebrity serum and many more! but Crasa cosmetics that shows 4 shades of lipsticks named Saloma, Latifah, Sarimah and Mariani makes me wanna have at least one of them!

Swatches for Crasa Cosmetics! Sarimah is the second shades from top to below arrange. 

My makeup look for yesterday. See, I told you my face looks overly oily eventhough I actually apply only highlighter around my forehead, lil bit at my cheeks,upper lips and my nose T.T thank god for the amazing lighting LOL

Opps, a party without the home owner will be so wrong if I'm not include in this entry. So, here goes!

Beautiful Syafiqah and hey,meet my new babe! her name is also Syafiqah too. Okay, I've been sandwiched with two Syafiqah in this pic. LOL thank you for the amazing experience and I really am happy meet and make new friends. 

New babe and le myself selca. Oh, I also managed to meet with founder of fake lashes, Syamila. What a great pleasure to meet with her yesterday. Thank you!

Wanna see my catch for yesterday party? scroll down for more!

Overall look for my emergency beauty kit. Yezza!

My own Hermosa cleansing water and free Bee Venom pudding scrub gel. I did said that I love one of the shades from Crasa cosmetic, right? 

Unboxing my Crasa box and Voila! Sarimah is here!

 Thank you so much for the invitation and I'm having major fun in housewarming party yesterday. I really hope that I can attend one of her beauty workshop next year, in shaa ALLAH because this year already fully booked. Well, almost full and for dolls who still wanna join her workshop for the last slot, please do so because you guys gonna get some amazing surprise from her during the last workshop beauty for this year. Any further info, click link below!

All the brands that join yesterday!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)