August 31, 2016


Assalamualaikum, hello again dearlings!

Today, this very special Independence day I already mention in previous entry that I wanna publish all my sponsored review by all products I got this month and so far it's give me an amazing experience to became one of users to try new and improve formula of Sumber Ayu Betel leaf hygiene wash!

Yes, guys I got an exclusive pink box consist of three bottles of new look, new enhanced formula from Sumber Ayu. TBH, I heard about this product before in drugstore especially at Watson and Guardian, at personal hygiene area where all the pads, condoms, tissue and feminine wash located together in one place. When I was in secondary school, I used to wear Sumber Ayu and I love the result because it gave me all freshness during day and night until I got some body rashes, then I stop. So, like up until now I never use any feminine hygiene except the latest one product from Rozita Che Wan's collection, which is Goyang Segar. 

I know the product have kinda 'eeerrr' name, but it did attract million people in Malaysia to buy for it and I'm one of them too LOL

But, since my Goyang Segar just finish recently, so I try this out. I just love the colors, looking all vibrant and very sexy for all ladies don't you think? I got Rose,Gambir and Floral. Sumber Ayu Betel Leaf Feminine Hygiene Wash were infused with all natural ingredients formulated to keep the intimate area in healthy and hygienic condition. A condition that is free from bad bacteria, itchiness and bad odor while regulating pH levels to the ideal pH3.5 to keep the feminine area ecosystem in check. 

As what I concerned, the new Sumber Ayu Betel Leaf Feminine Hygiene Wash provide greater anti-bacterial properties and further enhanced with extra natural fragrance to ensure long-lasting freshness.The bottle still retaining its classic shape inspired by a woman’s curves, now also comes in punchy new colors distinguishing each variant from the next and donning a more sophisticated look. Not only that, this feminine wash is also certified Halal by JAKIM for the benefit of valued Muslim consumers. So yeayy, now you girls don't have to be so worry and being soooo syubhah about it because it is guarantee 100% good.

Meet Rose, guys! LOL currently, I'm using this baby and I love how rosiee it's feel. Each of feminine wash have different value and different scent so that people can collect all of them. I mean, how cool can be that everyday you can use different kind of scents for you intimate part? or is it just only me? -.-' Rose claims a light sweet scent of blooming roses, for soothing and clean feeling to last the whole day. A choice for the romantic at heart.

Meet Gambir, the sweet herbal scent to provide naturally cooling freshness. Excellent for the classic sophisticated woman who appreciates the finer things in life. And yeah, lastly, 

Meet Floral, the feminine wash for refreshing and pretty blend of sweet scented flowers and ideal for women who are always happy and easy going. I think Floral will be a good choice for teens. Besides three above, Sumber Ayu also provide Orchid, Musk and Fruity scents to complete all set for feminine wash.

Don't you feel that you need to have all these in your collection? Well, I do!  So, which one is your favorite? Grab one of these at nearest drugstores at RM 3.60 (90ml) and RM5.80 (200ml). Sumber Ayu is a quality personal care products are proudly brought to you by WIPRO UNZA and it sure will never let you down. Kudos to Sumber Ayu! 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)