August 22, 2016

Brush and Card talk

Assalamualaikum, hello loves!

Al-Hamdulillah, basically I already finish final draft for my practical training report and tomorrow I kinda have an appointment with my madam. I'm taking two time off for this coming Wednesday and Thursday because I just can't miss three upcoming exclusive events. I mean, come on! I wanna go, I wanna go, I wannaaaa goooo  *cute and sparkly eyes detected*

So, as you guys know, I'm slowly turn myself into makeup junkie and GOD why I started that feeling?? Because yeah, now I got almost 4 and half makeup bag and two out of those magical bag is only for makeup brush. Yes, now I'm training myself to use professional makeup technique using professional tools. I mean, mehh not that really high standard and mighty brand tools but more on affordable and useful for beginner/makeup noobie like me LOL

How cute is my makeup brush collection  Actually, I don't really know how to use brushes like most of beauty vlogger and MUA on youtube because I love Korean look. I mean, Korean does not even have wild, bold and heavy makeup like westerns do especially when it comes to contouring,shading and highlighting. I am totally suck with that plus I love to look fair and radiant/glow face compared to well structured, sexy look. 

But heck with that, I'm gonna sharpen my makeup skills starting this year. Well, I kinda love makeup so why I'm only focusing on half part when we can acquire and explore more deep about other dimension right? 

Such an eye feast! Not to mention the beautiful pink colors, Urghhh so melting! Oh, don't you guys worry because it is not only provided for pink lover, but they also got monochrome vibe. Yes, black and white, babydolls! All the brushes are super soft and use 100% synthetic and not from animal origin. So, in order not to mixed of having too much pinkiness LOL I opt with white 10-set kabuki brush for next pic.

I love that fan-look kinda brush. And I still noob how people using it but I'm pretty sure it is good for cheek application. Oh wait, I did mention about kabuki. Scroll down for more!

Don't you just love the softy brush with beautiful colors that suits almost every womens interest 

I am still learning to use most of brushes, please be patient I am not a pro. LOL but I will update how I use my makeup brush for every event I go after this. I hope I get better everyday. 

Soooo, when you have brushes, you kinda need their other complimentary tools, right? 

This is brush hanging rack and it comes with wooden stand and I also got beads for brush container too. I think it is very helpful when it comes to cleaning your brushes every weekend if you are heavy makeup girl, but fret not I hope I don't qualify myself to enter into that category after accidentally I'm buying lotsaa makeup phase. LOL 

I clean my makeup brush using any mild body wash or dettol to give protection against acne. Besides using brush, I also got beauty magic sponge and puff too where I got from ALTHEA.  But I'm gonna talk about that later. 

So, when I got invitation to attend blogger event, I decided to finally creating my own blog card. I mean, everyone must have at least one of it. It is like a representative from yourself and blog. 

Yeayy, my own blog card  the person in charge doing my blog card is actually quite new company and they provide lots of graphic and illustration for banner,signs, advertisement. Plus, I only pay for two boxes and got FREE another box with below that RM50. Cool right!

Yes, I know you guys wanna know where I got these stuff. Click on link below for their Instagram and contact no 

Makeup Brush: CS MAKEUP
Blog card: JOHARI SAHLAN ( 0122476704) 

I will update more about my makeup haul. I will, just give me time okay LOL

Lots of love,
Miss A :)