August 12, 2016

Luxurious hair with LUCIDO-L

Assalamualaikum, hello dear peeps!

This month, frankly speak is consider as danger week because my BBA Department decided to give some extra surprise for my convocation day for this early November or idk, maybe last week of October perhaps T.T due to limited day ahead,some of the students that expecting to graduate this year kinda need to pull their shitz together and finish all the requirements including complete Logbook, evaluation form and complete report with hassle free! I mean, OMG we are been alert with the announcement at very short notice and I haven't prepared my report yet. I really hope I can finish it at the end of before September hit the clock.

But, first thing I need to do is blogging instead of preparing my report LOL okay, fine I will start tomorrow *sigh*

If you guys ever read my preparation for Eid 2016 entry (CLICK HERE), I did mentioned about the hair product that I currently use and obsess with, consider it is a good progression and investment for my hair condition last month. I thought that, I really need to share this great product with you all especially for ladies! 

Introducing, Argan rich hair treatment oil by Lucido-L! These product has capture my hair's attention lately LOL

Besides the company establish in bottle form, they also comes with tube form which is much more easy to squeeze. Not to mention, it is very economical compared to bottle type.

Tube/cream form and Bottle/oil form. Both are very seductive for me so I need to acquire these babies as soon as possible. Lucido-L is a hair product directly made from Japan. Why I choose Lucido-L as my current favorite hair care? 

1. I'mma hijabian, so always expecting le hair got covered from morning to evening.
2. Sometimes when I'm done  showering, I didn't have time to blow my hair off, so the effect is very unappealing makes my hair looks greasy and not healthy. 
3. Hair is always my first crown, and I believe all girls love their fuckin' hair, am I right, dolls? *wink*

   Honestly, I love their packaging because it's look expensive even though the price is very reasonable but gives an amazing result. The smell of Argan rich oil really nice to blend with any part of body, oh and in this case, definitely main star for hair! Based on the packaging, the product claims to help people with damaged and split-end hair types which is in this case, I'm totally fit the bill -.-

The description is in Japanese, so this product is from Japan and maybe been manufactured in Singapore/Malaysia LOL

Both forms comes with one size for each, which are 60ML and 150G respectively. It's okay if you guys wanna try at least one of it because both still gives good result. Besides helps reducing frizziness, dry and damage hair, Lucido-L ensures to make your hair feel silky and smooth without any stickiness left on your hand and hair because the rich Argan oil penetrate deeply to each and unleash all good nutrients for le hair.

For bottle, the liquid is colorless and basically it's just like vegetable cooking oil but much nicer whereas for tube , the liquid is whitish and takes time to absorb completely on your hair compared to oil type. That is why, I prefer oil more compared to tube.

Lucido-L release two types of Argan rich Oil consist of pink and gold bottle, where the latter claims it gives extra moisture for the hair. I still haven't try the gold one because previously I bought the pink. I already fallen in love with pink, so I hope the gold will gives extra WOW effect for my hair. Ahhh, I can't wait! Another thing I love about Lucido-L hair care is because it helps my hair feel fresh, smells really good and IDK, I think my hair slowly turns golden colors after consistently apply the pink. That's actually really good, don't ya think? 

You guys can get this products at any drugstores and nearest pharmacies too. Check it out, you guys won't regret it.


Happy hair, Happy me. Yeayy! I will update soon about my makeup haul. See ya!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)