August 6, 2016

Totally Daebak with Mr.Dakgalbi ♥

Hello, Hi beautiful hungry people!

LOL, it's been almost a week now in August and only now I can handle my blog. Well, this week kinda lame + awesome experience for me because some peer pressure in work place and also my sayang ♥  birthday week. So yeay! I really hope my sayang  love my gift, you better appreciate what you have now before the moment is over. In shaa ALLAH, next big step coming up and I'm excited about it. Oh yeah, mentioning about something fun, I do have two events that need to attend in Mid Valley and another one located in TTDI. Oh god, please spare me with goodie old times because tomorrow gonna be legendary!

Okay, enough crap with lil bit about my internship progress, so like last week my hot babe and I tried this one delicious Korean restaurant called Mr.Dakgalbi!

Yes, people. Mr.Dakgalbi provide cute apron for us to guard our outfit from getting dirt with yummy-ness of sweet and spicy sauce when you cook. Okay, to be frank, Mr.Dakgalbi derived from word DAK, which in Korea means Chicken. The restaurant serve various kind of menus that mostly cooked fresh and serve in front of you and also, it's feel like home meal when you enter into the restaurant. Mr.Dakgalbi got several outlets and I did read reviews from certain outlet, but thank god, Mr.Dakgalbi in Publika Solaris Mont Kiara is the safe choice!

Mr Dakgalbi signature dishes are mainly consist of Ramyun, Rice and also cheese. So, that day we chose Mr.Dakgalbi&Fried Rice set worth RM64.00 per 2-3pax. Let's see what inside this big giant pan, shall we?

Inside the big, frying pan, there  are lots of mixed vegetable, Rice cake or known as 'Teppoki', slices of potato, with the sweet and spicy Korean sauce. Don't worry, the place is totally lard and pork free, not to mention it is HALAL too because the restaurant emphasizes chicken as main dish. I mean come on, look at the logo of the Apron and also their restaurant. And yeah, their initial on website too.

Here are best part, you can wear your apron now peeps because time to get some heat! Oh yes, If I'm not mistaken, the step before we mix the ingredients with solid Ramyun, the worker blend all the ingredients to make sure the chicken is cooked. The red, spicy and sweet sauce covered all the chicken up. We kinda need to wait almost 5-8 minutes for it.

Le me with Mr.Dakgalbi's apron, LOL

Like I said before, the main dishes for our meal that day are Ramyun, then rice after that.

Beautiful, sexy and super delicious Mr.Dakgalbi set   OMG, now I'm hungry posting and writing this entry. Damn it!

The worker that entertain us that day is very friendly and generous enough to sprinkles some cheese on top of Ramyun after done with cook. You guys can check out my IG for more mouth-watering post with lil bit of Boomerang effect LOL

Here for the Ramyun, next one is the rice!

Yup, basically the rice are mixed with the half of scrap of Ramyun leftover and another best part is when the rice is covering all the cheese beneath them. It's major love 

This is the beverage I order that day, kinda forget the name though but it's basically a grape can drink and its good. Overall, we really happy to choose and eat in Mr.Dakgalbi. You guys should try it too, their best dishes is the one with the cheese ring! But more on that, check out their facebook page for more information.

P/S: Who's already watch Suicide Squad? Grab their limited edition Movie Club card now while stock available because I already got mine. Yeay much!

Lot of love,
Miss A :)