August 31, 2016

Sexy talk part 1: AMEZ PADS ♥

Hello, Assalamualaikum, Happy Independence day MALAYSIA!

Yeppp, I finally have time to update my blog after last entry regarding with SONY Alpha Girlfriends    (CLICK HERE) well, as you know, this is another my favorite item I wanna talk about because it is connected really well with female body and needs. I know, we as woman love to talk about beauty, about makeup, dresses, heels and also, we are not shy to talk about pads. Yes, I'm talking about sanitary pads because face it, it's already 2016 and females are no longer have to be sooooo intimidated when talking about sex and anything related with supplements to feel sexy inside out. As usual, pads is very commons displays in drugstores and supermarket because we, females are not ashamed to confess that we always gonna have the period of battling with one self and vagina every month. LITERALLY. LOL 

Due to that, there are various kind of pads we can get and not to mention their limitless brands too but not all of them are worth it if it still gives itch, unpleasant smell and discomfort in daily life. So, here is another new products that perfectly sweep away all those problems within fingertips!

Introducing, AMEZ Care! a very wise solution for every girls out there to have these during that one time in every month and yeah, the products itself provide 3 various kind of pads consists of panty liner, Pads for day and Pads for overnight. Personally, I love their sweet and simple packaging. It is very easy to use with basic routine that we know every month. I don't think I need to teach you guys the steps since everyone knows the very basics of using the pads. Please don't ask me how to wear it, unless you're dude LOL

Each packaging carry same herbs scents and have antibacterial effects properties to fight against all those discomfort I mention earlier. I love herbs pads because its help me to feel fresh all day without any doubt. I mean, you can walk thousand miles and shops,eat,travel anywhere you like nothing discomfort ever happen to you. That's cool right!

I wear AMEZ panty liner and I love it. It is very easy to use and it feels fresh. The herbs smell doesn't overcome the perfumes I wear every day because I don't wanna smell herb-ishhh all the time. What's the use of spraying expensive perfumes on your clothes then? LOL

It is very thin and breathable. This also applicable to their other pads. Most AMEZ pads are using Negative Ion, Far Infrared, Nano Silver with bio herbal extract of Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Tea Plant, Chamomile and Lavender.

Their most outstanding natural herbs definitely Chamomile and Lavender extract. Chamomile acts as anti fungal and antibacterial against any infection whereas lavender helps to soothes pains and increase level of relaxation, not to mention great booster for calm relievers/mood lifters. It is good combination because in woman sensitive lady part, it is one of dangerous place that easily got infected by bacteria and mostly this problems happen for every women regardless any stages. So, wearing AMEZ pads may reduce this percentages and I bet everyone will feel extremely happy like I do when I wear AMEZ pads   

This is the overnight pads with wings. Yes, all AMEZ pads have wings to make sure you don't experience any leakage during period. It is 100% waterproof and had strong adhesive too!

This is the day pads. I actually never try the overnight and day pads yet, but I already use the panty liner everyday especially during my internship. I feel really happy with the result as sometimes I admit I had minor discharge and the stains always left on my panties. By using AMEZ panty liner, the problems is gone. Completely. Thank you, AMEZ for the amazing products! Major love!

You guys can check their facebook for more info!


P/S: Sponsored review, but I'm honest with the contents. More upcoming review products after this.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)