August 26, 2016

Product review: Tony Moly BCDation cushion + & Tony tint Delight

Assalamualaikum, hello beautiful people!

Yes, I'm referring to you LOL

So like, I got less than week now to finish my internship and In shaa ALLAH, will be graduating soon  My aims after finish internship, I'm planning to stay home for while before strive back to real job world because I happen to received lots of invitation to attend exclusive product launching and running events, so yeah the schedule pretty hectic. 

Yes, le me with using today product review! Basically, if you guys happen to read my previous entries, I always mention about my latest favorite cushion that I bought from Korea. Actually, I bought tonnes of different products that have mixtures of eyeliner, hand cream, perfumes, lip tints and beauty cushion/ CC Cushion. Like, really  a lot, I'm not kidding about it LOL so, among all those cushion I grabbed, one of it is from Tony Moly products. I'm not a big fan of Tony Moly but their BCDation cushion + is really good deal for your face. EVAAA!

So, here is the first Korea makeup haul which is from Tony Moly. I am amazed with the exclusive look for the cushion because it's very simple and feel mysterious to try when I heard about the cushion. And on top of it, I'm wondering what is BCDation stands for too. Why not covering the A as well? or maybe the cushion name might be too long LOL

Every cushions that I bought from Korea is complete with free refill and sponge, so Tony Moly also include this kind of habits. The price when I bought this around KRW20000 I'm not really sure because my mum is my ATM goddess. I just take whatever I want and voila, everything already settle with just one swipe from golden card. Thanks mum!

The cushion help everyone to get silky and smooth complexion everytime you wear this cushion. It is also able to reduce oil control and all shades available in 3 choices,

1. Vanilla beige
2. Skin beige (I got this one in small tube for free when I bought 2 compact cushions from the stores)
3. Warm beige (The one I buy)

To be honest, all three colors are very bright even though the cushion offer from very light to dark skin tone. That is why, even I'm wearing shades No.3, I still look really white and radiant. Maybe Pomegranate, ginseng and tea seeds help to enhance my face to achieve all glowy and radiant look. But I really love it. 

Can you imagine this is shade 3? But it's not dark at all when apply to my face, so don't worry guys, this baby is suitable for all skin type. My suggestion will be that, if your skin type is very Malay-ish skin tone, choose No 3. If you have fair and pinkish face appearance, No 2 will be a good choice. So far, No 2 and No 3 have no problem for me to blend all over my face. So, I think both are good for my skin tone. 

Next, I would love to review another lip tint collections from Tony Moly!

These lip tints previously known as Cat Chu wink tint before it change their name and transforms to cute love packaging. Personally, I love before and after bottle designs because I used to bought Cat chu tint and the colors is really good. But now, I managed to have 3 shades of them. How cool is that!

Swatches twimmee! From above until third row: Red Apple,Cherry pink and Orange Cha Cha. I love three of of them, but my favors definitely Cherry Pink and Orange Cha Cha. I'm sucker for the two colors because it makes my skin looks young and have scent of Korean look even I'm not a Korean. But yeah, whatever. 

The colors after been wipe for first time. The stains took almost 4-5 hours to completely fade before you can re-apply it. When I'm wearing lip tint, I can wear fully lips or gradient styles depends on the occasions I attend. So, here the after look of wearing my two favorites!

Cherry Pink. Auwww 

Orange Cha Cha 

I believe that not everyone managed to pull off orange lipstick or lip tint but boy, I think I kinda nailed it! You can always buy these babies for your Korea collection via website or physical stores/outlets provided. The prices considered as very cheap and affordable. However, sometimes I don't think the stock is available on the spot, so I suggest you guys to go to these websites to get them!


P/S: I know, sloppy entry because I'm too sleepy LOL I will update about events I go this week. Sta tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)