August 31, 2016

Let's slim with K.U.R.O.S

Assalamualaikum, hey loves one!

Well, I'm very busy updating all my pending/sponsored post but this one is exception because I love it! I mean, I already try the product and to be honest I am really one of their favorite VIP buyer since I consumed their products diligently. Well, right now no lah since I'm having money crisis but whatever.

Remember my post regarding with preparation for this year eid, I consumed cleanse teatox and I'm blown away with the result. I just love the taste of the cleanse tea because it is not bitter and weird like usual detox tea, but their tea? amazing! It's a tea with pop of lemon scent, makes you just wanna sip and relax all day. But besides cleanse teatox, the company also come out with their main product, K.U.R.O.S Organic slimming juice. This is another phenomenal product that I also consume because I love the flavors. Besides yummy and curbs appetite, the juice can keep up a week or two, depends on your intake. 

K.U.R.O.S Organic Slimming Juice with combination of Mangosteen, Acai Berry, Garcinia, Red and Green grapes and Pomegranate extract. 

K.U.R.O.S organic juice claims to help people in need of reducing their weight and also edible for ladies and gentleman. Their benefits is listed below:

👉 Perut BUNCIT??
👉 Pipi TEMBAM??
👉 Peha BERLAGA??
👉 STRECTH MARKs selepas bersalin??
👉 Berat badan NAIK MENDADAK???
👉 Lemak tersembunyi banyak didalam badan??
👉 Kerap penat sebab TOKSIN BANYAK dalam badan??
👉 Susah untuk BUANG AIR BESAR??

Wajib CUBA Jus K.U.R.O.S KERANA :👇
👉 Menggunakan 100% bahan organik
👉 Halal, Selamat
👉 Tiada kesan sampingan
👉 Rasa jus yg sgt LAZAT
👉 PALING PENTING membantu menyelesaikan masalah diats👆
👉 Mengurangkan selera makan
👉 Memberi TENAGA sepanjang hari
👉 Tidak perlu BERSENAM
👉 Tidak perlu MENAHAN LAPAR
👉 Membantu anda mendapatkan bentuk badan yang langsing
👉 Senang untuk DIBAWA KEMANA2 sahaja 

So, here are the best promotion I can give to you guys for reading my blog! Anyone who buy 2 bottle of K.U.R.O.S juice, will get free cleanse tea tox!

Cleanse Teatox
Yes, I know the promotion is almost over, but since you're reading my blog, you're eligible to acquire these juices and detox tea with price below than original price.

Not RM100!
Not RM90!
Not RM80!
Not RM60!
Below than that. Don't you just love it! Email me now for more information at aiminursyameem.ans@gmail.com

Lots of love,
Miss A :)