March 13, 2017

Benang Hijau Darling X 'Green card' membership program!

Assalamualaikum, hi beautiful!

As you guys can see from my previous details about Benang Hijau Warehouse sale 
>>CLICK HERE<< I did mention about their second crazy sale in Johor Bahru, right? and now, good news for Kelantanese peeps because BH are heading Wakaf Che Yeh this weekend! OMG are you excited as I am? 

Yes, I know you're excited with this sale madness but what I'm gonna tell it's even more attractive benefits that you guys might get while shops with Benang Hijau :)

I think, like any other exclusive boutique that sell beautiful merchandise, of course the boutique itself provide and promote lots of benefits for their precious customer to stay loyal with the brand, BH is also not excluded with this kind of phenomenon. What's more, since the brand itself is green, so the membership "Green Card" program are invented! I'm really lucky being born as March babies because I can get "FREE SHAWL" for this month! All BH shawls are very cute and OMG you guys at least, must have one of their collection in closet :)

I personally think that Kelantanese peeps is very lucky because the membership program is happening this month. Hey, you got lots of goodness in one card!Wanna  know more?

1. Only have to pay RM20 to get this premium card, and RM10 for renewal every year. You can earn points and redeem good stuff while swiping the card. Yeay!
2. Discount 10% for all Benang Hijau product, but 20% off for BH darling member for birthday celebration. Super cool!
3. Love to earn extra income while shopping? Yes, you're considered as Benang Hijau dropshipper once you sign up the "Green card", you can promote the brand in any social media accounts that you have. 
4. Invitation for the event exclusive just for BH Darling from time to time. 

Benang Hijau is not only selling Scarves, but also beautiful Abayas, dresses and blouse. I already mentioned that on my previous entry. Make sure to be alert for next Warehouse tour sale, loves!

For more information, you guys can always click link below:-

Lots of love,
Miss A :)